atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1417: It's 2009. Is your Zune bricked?

An error in the internal clock driver. Gee, what kind of genius does it take to figure out that when your personal audio device locks up at midnight on the first day of a new year there just might be something wrong with its internal clock?

It took me about fifteen seconds of thought to determine that the problem has to do with the thing's internal "time of day" clock.

WTF, why the hell does a personal audio device need a clock, anyway? People used to buy special bracelets--men and women alike--which incorporated a miniature timekeeping mechanism. These arcane devices were called watches, and they existed long before microcircuitry; they were building the things in the 1700s. To this day many people still adorn themselves with these "watches". They are frequently given as gifts.

But now that you have clocks in phones, iPods, Zunes, PDAs, and whatever the hell else, why bother with a watch?

...unless, of course, your personal audio player locks up because it's made by Microsoft.

* * *

White San Francisco liberals don't like the results of the policies they advocate. They never do, because then they find out that the policies they advocate don't work.

* * *

Ann Coulter on the Democrat playbook. And even more awesome, Ann Coulter on Kwanzaa.

I've said enough about Kwanzaa.

* * *

An article in Investor's Business Daily about sunspot activity versus global temperatures. A very good read, I might add.

* * *

So: I celebrated New Year's online, in Stormwind. I got drunk and watched the fireworks.

...well, my character did the "drunk" part. (And went swimming, for good measure.) But I chatted with other guild members and people-watched and saw fireworks, and had a good time.

"Demented and sad, but social." Oh well. Could be worse.

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