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#1421: I am detecting a pattern.

Getting onto WoW during "prime time" on weekend nights is difficult, as that is when everyone wants to get on.

Getting on late at night during the week is easy.

* * *

SO apparently the latest iteration of Windows, which is in beta test now, consistently outperforms XP and Vista.

Bill Gates has said that the new OS will be "more efficient". Well crap, that's not that hard to manage, considering that XP and Vista are at the end of several decades' worth of code bloat.

I don't expect that to last, though. The final release will probably follow the trend of prior releases, and need more hardware to run it properly.

* * *

Yellowstone is still experiencing increased seismic activity. (That's Star Trek-ese for "they're having more earthquakes than usual".)

...every comment I try to add sounds stupid, so I'm not saying anything else about this. Except that I don't think it's time, yet, to invest in a roof rake for all the ash that'll fall if that thing blows up.

* * *

"Third-hand smoke?"</i> The "dangers" of second-hand smoke aren't even properly demostrated, so why the hell should I worry about third-hand smoke? (And how is it "third-hand", anyway? "Third hand" would imply an intermediary between smoker and "second/third-hand victim of evil tobacco", and that's not what the article describes.)

OMG a smoke particle might give children cognitive problems! WTF.

I suppose if humans lived in a perfectly clean environment, smoke particles on skin and clothing might lead to "problems"--but we don't. In fact, the world is a pretty filthy place, with dust, soot, shed skin, tiny bugs, bacteria, pollen, mold particles, fungus spores, and God alone knows what the hell else literally floating in the air. Every time you take a breath you inhale a bunch of crap, and your body has several mechanisms for dealing with the inhaled crap--and only smokers get enough tobacco smoke to increase their risks of disease because the smoke tends to disable one of the body's defense mechanisms.

A few particles aren't going to do anything to a reasonably healthy child. In fact, a reasonably healthy child would probably benefit from some dirt and crud; it'll keep him from developing a bunch of stupid allergies.

* * *

If Travolta et al were devout Christians, this would be a horror story. But he's not; he's a Scientologist.

Scientologist refuses to let his son be treated for autism; son has a seizure in the bathroom, hits his head, and dies. If a Christian had said, "I refuse to let them give him drugs for the seizures because it's all in his head--" how collossally stupid is that? Of course a seizure is "all in his head", it's a fricking brain disorder "--and we'll fix it at church!" the media would be all over it: "look at this cretinous superstitious fool!"

But it's not a Christian nobody; it's a famous scientologist. So the explanation gets a matter-of-fact tone instead of sneering.

(And by the way, looking up Kawasaki disease on Wikipedia shows that neurological symptoms are not a result of Kawasaki. They could be the result of complications of the disease. I would wager that the kid was, in fact, autistic--with which there should be no stigma.)

* * *

Railroads want some of the promised infrastructure improvements. If we have to have Obama's Work Relief infrastructure program, I would strongly recommend that some of that money go to railroad improvement. A single train can haul two hundred truckloads of freight for less money and fuel than the two hundred trucks would require, and the rail infrastructure of this country has been about as neglected as the rest of it has been.

* * *

It does not at all surprise me that the IRS would spend $0.84 to collect $0.05. Not even a little bit. In fact, it'll end up being a lot more than that, if they make good on their threat to start collections against the guy.

This is the way government bureaucracy always works. The guy has to pay that nickel because, well, he owes it. Regardless of how much it costs the government to collect that nickel, he will pay it.

Even if it costs the IRS a thousand dollars to collect.

* * *

Every once in a while I enjoy having gyoza ("pot stickers", Japanese style). When I lived in Iowa, I knew of two oriental grocery stores--one in Cedar Rapids, one in Iowa City--which stocked frozen pre-made gyoza; I could have them whenever I wanted. Which was good, because the Chinese restaurant situation in Cedar Rapids was always shaky at best. (I was also able to get sushi nori and other useful goods, including the best knife I've ever owned--and it cost me $5.)

I have the opposite problem here. There are several good Asian restaurants in the area, with my favorite--China Garden--a 5-minute drive from here. But there aren't any oriental grocery stores, dang it.

There is one, a short walk from the Chinese place, but it's not very good. It's run by a Filipino family and mostly stocks Filipino things. That's not a bad thing, but it means there's no soba and no gyoza. (It does, at least, stock sushi nori.)

I really miss the big oriental grocery store next to the sushi restaurant in Iowa City, though. That place had everything, including big bags of wasabi powder and a huge assortment of Japanese snacks. I miss taiyaki!

* * *

Last night, since I couldn't log on to WoW, I did some anime housekeeping, and discovered that I haven't watched anything new since Nov 30. Jeesh.

I did have the ex-GF (my first ex, Beth) over a few times and we watched a few eps of Lovely Complex, so the intervening time hasn't been entirely anime-free, but Aishiteruze Baby, ToLoveRu, and Itazura na Kiss have stagnated at ep 21. *sigh*

* * *

The guys on Horsepower TV built a turbocharged engine which is making 1,110 horsepower "using off-the-shelf parts!" ...and the engine probably cost about $20,000 to build, too. That kind of horsepower doesn't come cheap; it doesn't even come "moderately expensive"; it comes with a huge price tag. If you want to make that kind of power on pump gas (even 93 octane) you will pay a lot of money to do it.

The car they are building it for will be a drag car--though street-legal--and if you're seriously into racing I can see it. Otherwise, there really isn't much point to it.

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