atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1423: If this one goes down, I've got an alternate.

We may lose LiveJournal.

If that happens, look here for all your Fungusy goodness. Posts aren't duplicated, but at least there will be some continuity.

* * *

Ann Coulter banned from NBC? Yet another reason for me to avoid NBC.

* * *

Instead of greenlighting more power production, California wants to limit consumption.

The one good thing about California is the cautionary tale it presents.

* * *

Sea ice is where it was 29 years ago. So much for "the ice caps are melting!"

* * *

Roland Burris is the lawfully-appointed junior senator from Illinois. Sure, Blago(D) might be impeached, and sure, he's under a cloud...but he's still governor of Illinois and he's still allowed to do what he's done. Burris is our senator, like it or not.

It is, as Michelle Malkin points out, a great deal of fun to watch the Democrats muff things.

* * * I spent my entire evening in Receiving last night. Despite actually getting enough sleep Monday afternoon (imagine that) I was still so tired that I hit the hay after getting home, getting bathed, and getting fed.

...then I woke up around 11-ish and needed food again, so I hit McDonald's for more McNuggets.

And now I'm going to play WoW. I have no errands that must be done today, though tomorrow I must look at a friend's front brakes (and possibly replace the pads).

I have had a lot of fun with my hunter, Gunbunnysmit; so much that she's now 17th level. She and her snow leopard, Sprocket, go through the monsters "like a dose of salts". Having an attack pet really helps your survivability. The hunter class, though, doesn't do very well in melee combat. Fortunately, if you do everything correctly, the attack pet draws off the monster and you can peg shots at the thing from a few paces away. This has the added advantage of putting the monster on the ground pretty quickly.

And since Gunbunny has mining and engineering as professions, she can make her own ammunition and weaponry, and she can even make scopes for the guns. Awesome.

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