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#1427: Ann Coulter!

Ann's got a new book out this week. There was some foo-raw about her being on The Today Show, which has been resolved, and so she handed Matt Lauer his junk. heh.

* * *

Hillary doing "pay for play"? After years and years of Democrats and the liberal media telling us that all corruption is Republican, it sure is refreshing to hear stories like this one.

* * *

139-year-old baseball card found. "Red Stocking [Baseball] Club of Cincinnati". That's just so old-timey!

I think I just might start calling the Chicago White Sox the "White Stockings Baseball Club of Chicago", solely for my own amusement.

* * *

2004: FDR's policies lengthened the Great Depression. And Barack Hussein "Boss Tweek" Obama wishes to implement much the same sort of "curative" that FDR did. (Apparently he's going to use his middle name now, so it's no longer a "hate crime" or "fearmongering" for the rest of us to do so.)

* * *

Gary Graham is one pissed off dude. When he was playing Detective Sykes on Alien Nation, I remember one scene where he grated, "That really pisses me off!" I remember this because of his editorial, to which I have linked, in which he mentions being pissed off.

Alien Nation was a good show.

* * *

Does Earth have two cores? Interesting question. The significance of the question is beyond me, though, and I'm not entirely certain it makes a difference, either. I am pretty sure we have no way of directly observing it, though, so this is likely to remain a mystery for some time.

* * *

And let's participate in a meme:




I forgot it was Feb 1 and got up before reciting the magical phrase which guarantees good luck during the coming month. Dang it. So my first post will have to do. (No idea if this will work, though.)


I was thinking about the prevalence of flat-panel displays in HDTVs. In fact, the complete absence of CRTs.


Not being a fool myself, I don't generally play pranks on Apr 1. I'm just not that kind of person.


Got my first ticket since 1996 last night. Damn it.


I got hotcakes!


And so we get into the first month of the year named after a Roman emperor, Julius Ceasar.


Let me be the first to congratulate ExxonMobil on their new record. It's about time we heard some good economic news; I'm tired of all the doom-and-gloom stories about the economy.




Fiction rule of thumb. I'd swear I read the quote in that comic somewhere....


Was the world created about 6,000 years ago? I maintain that regardless of whether or not it was, there is no scientific way for us to know it. It's purely a matter of faith; so what difference does it make? Those who believe in creationism won't be swayed by the argument of the Darwinists; and vice-versa.


It would probably be simpler and more effective if Chuck Norris simply went to all the people who believe that the US media is not biased and roundhouse kicked them into a glacier.

* * *

June's is the best.

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