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$1431: So we're back to "ice age" again.

According to the Russians, anyway.

The last paragraph is great. A warmista insists that the amount of greenhouse gas we emit "completely dwarfs the natural variations". Of course there is absolutely no proof of that whatsoever, and plenty of data which indicates that the contrary is true: the climate doesn't even notice how much carbon dioxide we've emitted. (Besides, there's that pesky inconvenient truth that carbon dioxide concentration lags temperature by about 800 years.)

So now there's evidence which suggests that Earth's magnetic field may influence its climate. Another thing we have zero control over (no matter who's in the White House or in control of Congress) and so it's useless to those who want to use "global warming"/"climate change" as a method of socializing just about goddamned everything.

I have to say, the case for "cosmic radiation influencing cloud formation" theory has a lot more going for it than the "man-made carbon dioxide causing runaway heating" one does. But the sun's and the Earth's magnetospheres are beyond our control.

* * *

Some gays intend to celebrate the Obama inauguration in their own way.

Er...yeah. Okay.

* * *

Try to fix one eco-catastrophe and you cause another eco-catastrophe. Homer Simpson said it best: "Note to self: stop doing anything."

* * *

Inflation is bad, deflation is bad. So explain to me how an economy can function if its medium of exchange never changes in value.

Valuation of currency is a complex issue--probably to the point of being chaotic--but it seems to me that a deflationary cycle would be desirable as a dollar would buy more, rather than less, goods and services. But the article explains what's wrong with deflation, so I have to assume that these are valid reasons.

In fact, I can see one bad thing: suppose you have a mortgage for $200,000, and against all odds you manage to survive the economy tanking and keep your house.

Then a deflationary cycle sets in, and after about ten years you're making 60% of what you made. You still have to pay back a $200,000 loan, even though the dollars you earn now are worth 140% of what the mortgage dollars were worth when you borrowed them. You don't have that much money even though your purchasing power may be the same or greater and so you lose the house.

Anyone who owes a large sum of money at the beginning of a deflationary cycle will get screwed. This would do wonders \"" (hand of sarcasm (tm)) for our already-boned fiscal system, wouldn't it?

(People like me, who are paying back student loans. Yeah.)

* * *

This article uses the wrong term. It's not a "robot suit"; it is a power suit. It's a powered exoskeleton, is what it is, and it's the first stage in the development of powered armor. (Read Heinlein's Starship Troopers.)

* * *

Speaking of must-reads, Ann Coulter, as always. She dissects the New York Times' idiotic assertion that military veterans are murderous psychos. (Honestly, I thought we were done with that nonsense after the Viet Nam crap. But the hippies are now the Establishment, so I guess not.)

* * *

Well, Gunbunnysmit is now 33rd level. I'm still getting my butt kicked routinely; some of it is justifiable (such as when I headed into the Badlands to see if a red quest was really red or not. It was) and some of it is, IMHO, not.

Okay, a green quest should not kill you. It might beat the tar out of you and leave you wondering where the hell all your hit points and mana went, but it should not kill you. Yet every single green quest remaining in my quest log has killed me multiple times.

But I have managed to whittle down the list a bit. I'm now more-or-less at the point where I want to go to the next stage of the game; problem is, I still don't know where to go. As I said in a prior post, everywhere I look I see things that are too powerful for me to handle--or else I see things that are so weak that I won't get any XPs for tackling them.

Up until now, the game has had a panoply of things which were just right, and if I was having a bit of trouble with one area I'd simply go to another area for a while. But now every new area I look at is full of "??" monsters (if you mouse over a monster you can see what level it is--"??" means "run away!"). ("Run away and pray the thing doesn't notice you, because it'll make paste out of you in one or two attacks.")


Blizzard doesn't generally make a habit of doing this to players--introducing a step function into the difficulty progression such that you suddenly encounter a brick wall unless you have the reflexes of a 12-year-old gamer geek who lives on Mountain Dew and Skittles--so I'm reasonably confident that I am simply missing or forgetting something.

Meanwhile, all the character deaths mean that I am having a lot of trouble accruing money, which I need in order to buy a mount and the training needed to ride the thing. I've been up to 13 gold about 4 times in the last two days, and each time I've ended up having to blow lots of money to fix my equipment. I'm finally at the stage where I can look at character abilities and decide whether or not I want them; the ones which are available are ones I don't (and won't) use anyway, and can safely put off until I have the spare money for them. But every time you get killed it costs you 10% of your equipment's durability; and if you have to resurrect at the graveyard, that slaps a 25% durability penalty on anything and everything in your inventory that has a durability stat. This means that you get less for that armor or weapon you were just going to sell; and at the same time it means you have to pay more to get your equipment fixed. This way lies ruin.

(In the Badlands I got killed twice in ten minutes. I thought the freaking graveyards were safe zones. No; monsters will still aggro there. Fuckers.)

I also haven't managed to find any good upgrades for weapons or armor recently. So that doesn't help, either.

Still, I've got a 33rd level character and I know I can take it farther than this. All I have to do is keep wading through monsters and quests. Assuming I can find them.

* * *

Speaking of "ice age", right now it's -10°F outside. We got about six inches of snow Wednesday, and now the temperature has cratered. It's going to be cold Thu and Fri; and then there is the possibility of more snow in the forecast after that.

"Ice age" indeed.

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