atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1435: Jeep didn't start but it worked out for me.

Because Battlestar Galactica restarted tonight.

I called off after I got the "rurr rurr ru..." from the Jeep. The thing has been hard starting in cold weather but never failed me; I think the battery needs replacing. It appears to be the original one. Anyway it's three below right now, after a low of -19°F last night.

The other weather station that I follow says a low of -21° and a current temp of -6°.

Anyway, so I called off, not wanting to mess with it. And then I happened to wonder, "Say, when does Battlestar Galactica start up again?"

The answer turned out to be "9 PM central time, January 16."

...and now there are nine episodes left of the series.

The forecast for Saturday is a balmy 25°, so I'm probably going to end up going to the parts store for a new battery. (If I can get the Jeep started.) And I'll replace it there in the parking lot, because the Escort is not insured and the van got donated.

Ah, winter is so much fun. Blergh.

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