atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1438: Jesus was NOT a muslim.

He was not:

1) The existence of Islam post-dates the life of Jesus Christ by hundreds of years.

2) Most of the laws of Islam run counter to just about everything Jesus taught, such as "love they neighbor as thyself", "turn the other cheek", etc. Jesus stopped the mob from stoning a woman for committing adultery. Jesus taught love and tolerance, not "kill them if they won't convert". And so on.

"We owe it to our fellow Americans to let them know that Islam stands for peace," said a CAIR spokesman, but anyone who has seen how Islam deals with the evil perpetrated in its name--doesn't say a word against it--ought to see that for the lie it is.

As I've said a bunch of times, until muslims decry the violence committed by people in the name of islam, their clame of being "peaceful" is not legitimate.

* * *

This might be worth paying the $30 plus tax to play with. Sing into the microphone and this program turns it into music--I think I could use that, particularly if it could output MIDI files....

* * *

So while playing WoW last night I hooked up with a couple of other guys about my level who were doing a bunch of the same quests I was doing. Difference: their characters were damage machines!

One guy was a Draenei shaman; the other was a Draenei paladin--and they ran right into the middle of Kurzen's camp and obliterated a mob of dudes 3 levels higher than them! Me and my cat Sprocked would get our asses handed to us if we tried that, but these guys just had it going on, and just wrecked a whole mess of jerks at once. It was awesome.

End result, I turned in several red/orange quests and got levels 37 and 38 in the space of a few hours. And built my reserve of cash back up to about 12 gold and change.

Once the Dranei character race is unlocked I look forward to trying one out.

In the meantime, Gunbunnysmit is 38th level, has a mount, and can now mine and smelt mithril.

I had a lot of fun last night.

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