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#1439: I'm not going to watch the inauguration.

I never watch them, not even when they're for guys I voted for. It's a whole bunch of unnecessary pomp and circumstance surrounding a 50-second oath ceremony. WTF.

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Quoth Neal Boortz: Remember when the Clinton's left the White House, they trashed the place and took over $200,000 worth of stuff. Well it seems that the Bushes are going to leave with a little more class. And who would expect that?

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It sounds as if the aircraft used for flight 1549 (the one that landed in the Hudson River) had engine troubles two days before the incident which ended with it in the water. Sounds like the thing had some compressor stalls, which is never a quiet event.

With most jet engines, if you open the throttle too fast, there ends up not being enough air coming into the engine and the compressor stage runs out of air to compress. (That's why--in shows where someone is flying an airplane--they throttle up slowly rather than slam the throttles around.) In this condition, the engine can backfire, because part of the containment for the ignition phase of the whole operation is the air coming into the burner section from the compressor stage. This makes a lot of noise and you see flames shooting out of the engine when it happens.

But there are other reasons a compressor can stall--ice formation, for one, or a bird strike--and while a compressor stall isn't evidence that the engine is in bad shape, a compressor stall two days before a complete loss of power event is suspicious.

It looks like the NTSB is going to be looking at this incident for the next year.

* * *

This reminds me of that famous quote: "If only I could have talked to Hitler! All this might have been avoided!" Politicians have this hubris that they are capable of talking anyone into anything--and while they are usually right, they are not always right. In the case of Hitler and that Senator whose name I've forgotten, the Senator could have talked to Hitler until he was blue in the face, and he would probably even have come away from the meeting much the same way Chamberlain came away from his meeting with Hitler, thinking and pronouncing that Hitler had seen the light, and that all would be well from now on.

...until the tanks started to roll, of course. Chamberlain's "peace in our time" lasted until Hitler invaded Poland, which is the event that the Senator lamented in his optimistic quotation. In fact, Chamberlain's peace accord worked in Hitler's favor, ensuring that Britain would not attack him first, giving him plenty of time to amass an army and get every thing ready for his invasion of Poland.

Obama suffers from the same disease. The thing that he doesn't realize is that the president of Iran has objectives which are are non-negotiable. It's not a case of the man simply wanting concessions; he wants the obliteration of the United States and Israel--nothing else will do. You can't negotiate with someone who wants to kill you dead and will stop at nothing to accomplish it, and that is the fundamental mistake they're making with these jerks.

Obama wants peace with Iran; Iran wants the destruction of the US and Israel--there is no middle ground and there is no compromise that can possibly satisfy Iran. The only possible way to settle the issue is for there to be a war. Obama talking to Iran merely delays the onset of the war; it does not--can not--prevent it.

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And I'm going to deal with a comment, here:
So, as a Christian, you are for bombing abortion clinics or any clinic that performs them. You also believe in having multiple wives since there are sects that believe this.

I guess there were no crimes or atrocities committed in this country before 9/11?? And if there were, it was not a Christian who committed them. (Note: A Christian is someone who believes that Christ is the son of God.)

And lastly, to quote from your own entry:
"We owe it to our fellow Americans to let them know that Islam stands for peace,"....

"As I've said a bunch of times, until muslims decry the violence committed by people in the name of islam, their clame of being "peaceful" is not legitimate."

Wow.. looks like a muslim was decrying violence by the quote you posted. Must be my mistake.

The fact is that I'm not for or against any religion. I am against ignorance and faulty logic.

Oh and..
And the "Dranei character race" has never been locked unless you have failed to purchase Burning Crusade. You're thinking of deathknights. This makes me wonder who else I'm playing with.
The commentor makes a couple of mistakes here.

Hasty generalization: "So, as a Christian, you are for the bombing of abortion clinics...." I invite this anonymous commentor to read the entirety of Atomic Fungus and cite the passages where I advocate the bombing of abortion clinics.

In fact, very few Christians are for the bombing of abortion clinics. Yes, abortion clinics have been bombed. Yes, some of the terrorists in these crimes were Christians. But it is not a tenet of Christian faith that people who perform abortions must be killed, and that he who kills an abortionist will go to heaven and have 72 virgins to serve him there.

"Jihad" is not a word that comes to us from Christianity. And it is a tenet of Islam that the person who kills in the name of Mohammed will go to paradise and get 72 virgins to wait on him.

Reducto ad absurdum: "I guess there were no crimes or atrocities committed in this country before 9/11?? And if there were, it was not a Christian who committed them." I also have never asserted that Christians never commit atrocities or crimes. I know enough history to know that there has been plenty of horror perpetrated in the name of all religions--Christianity is no exception to this--but if you look at the data, there has been one (1) terror attack on the United States and its interests which has been committed by people who were not muslims--Oklahoma City. All of the others were Islamic terrorism.

And I fail to see what that argument has to do with what I posted, anyway.

"Wow.. looks like a muslim was decrying violence by the quote you posted. Must be my mistake."

It most assuredly is your mistake, because saying "Islam is a religion of peace" is not the same as saying "we deplore all the violence which has been comitted in the name of Islam". No major muslim figures have ever decried the violence committed in the name of islam. Plenty of them have insisted that Islam is a peaceful religion.

To borrow the abortion clinic bombing thing, above, let me give an example. Which of the following two sentences decries the bombing of abortion clinics?

A) "Christianity is a religion which advocates the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Jesus taught, 'turn the other cheek'."

B) "Bombing abortion clinics is murder, and it's a sin, and we Christians do not approve of this kind of act."

Which of the following two sentences decries the acts of 9/11?

A) "Islam is a religion of peace."

B) "The acts committed on 9/11 by people purporting to be muslims were not, in fact, the acts of true muslims, and we muslims do not approve of this kind of act."

Islam may in fact stand for peace, but the people who are leaders of that religion sure as hell haven't said anything against all the murder and terror that people have committed in the name of islam. And until they do their claim of being "peaceful" is a lie.

None of this, by the way, has anything to do with the entire point of that section of my post, which is that Jesus was not a muslim.

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Og gets it right on Obama becoming President today.

Just remember, "dissent is patriotic".

* * *

There's no excuse for this. No oil filter should ever be mounted bottom-up like that. Ever, particularly not on a car which costs as much as a freaking house.

In fact, oil filters should always be mounted with the gasket up and level, preferably with plenty of room to get it into place and--more importantly--to get the old one, which is full of dirty oil, out of the engine bay without having to tip it and spill the oil.

With the filter mounted bottom-up, when you unscrew it, bloosh--oil goes everywhere, and makes a mess. The MGB is built that way, damn it, and it's irritating as hell.

Shoddy engineering.

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