atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1440: Guess what? Bush didn't declare martial law.

Only utter moonbats expected him to. (Same as only utter moonbats expected Clinton to. I thought about it in 2001 and decided it was at best unlikely.)

Brought to mind by this.


* * *

Guess whose picure is now being burned by Iranians? Michelle Malkin has a picture showing none other than Barak Hussein "Boss Tweek" Obama's picture being burned by Iranians.

Sure, he'll just talk to them and everything will be fine.

* * *

After eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome--and after Bush's limo was pelted with eggs in 2001 in a stunning display of class and elegance from the Left--this shit is pretty damned funny. Yeah, Boss Tweek is my president, but I'm not Iron Man, damn it. I'm going to have to take part in some snark, here and there.

It really looks like liberals in this country are constitutionally incapable of being respectful to people with whom they disagree. They can't even pretend to be respectful even for a few minutes--they can't even be polite.

So I'm not going to be as nice to Obama as I was to Clinton. I'm calling him "Boss Tweek", for example, making fun of his "stress-induced" facial tic which he got months before he actually had the power to do anything or the responsibility for anything. If he thought the stress was bad during the transition, let him wait a few months.

* * *

The World of Warcraft was down this morning, so I hit the sack. I slept all day, and in fact was awake long enough to eat dinner, start to watch some House, MD, and decide to record it and sleep instead. So I finally got up around 12:30, and I'm-a going to go play WoW now.

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