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#1444: I've been saying this for more than a year.

The Anchoress wonders about Obama equaling Carter.

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This shibboleth again. Women on average earn 78% of the money that men on average earn. But since not all women of working age, y'know, work--and since many who do take several years off for childbearing--they drag down the average.

If you control the statistics for the differences (total experience, time in job, etc) you find that men and women make about the same amount. That is to say, a female doctor with 20 years of experience makes about the same amount as a male doctor with 20 years of experience. A female restaurant employee with four years of experience makes about the same amount as a male restaurant employee with four years of experience.

A female physical therapist who worked in her field for eight years before taking five years off to have a couple of children before resuming her career, won't make as much as her male colleague who worked as a physical therapist for all of those thirteen years.

But it's assumed by those on the Left that the entire reason for this is sexism--the evil employers are all secretly misogynist, and they want to keep women barefoot and pregnant.


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Al Franken has to face a legal challenge to his anointing. At least there are some judges in Minnesota who are not smoking the whackity crackity.

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Iran is looking for more uranium. What's wrong with the uranium they've got? Well, if they've extracted all the U-235 from it (in order to make nuclear bombs) they need more. You can't just make U-235.

...technically you can, in a breeder reactor. Yeah. Bombard enough U-238 with enough neutrons and some of what you get out will be U-235. (You'll also have a bunch of isotopes of plutonium and other interesting radioactives, of course.) But if Iran were operating breeder reactors it would be pretty obvious, because we'd have satellite images of the facilities.

Since Iran is (supposedly) using the centrifugal method of isotope seperation--they don't seem to be making a plutonium bomb--it means they need a lot of uranium, because U-235 is 0.7% of all uranium in the universe. In order to get the approximately 10kg you need to make a single-stage gun bomb, you need to process at least a metric ton of uranium. (In practical terms you actually need to process more, as you can't get all of the U-235 atoms out.)

(While it's easier to seperate plutonium from spent fuel, it's harder to make an implosion device. You only need the precision you find in a typical optics lab, but implosion is finicky.)

Letting Iran get the Bomb would be the biggest foreign policy error since Carter didn't threaten to bomb Tehran.

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"You can't do spaces in HTML."

This space is the result of Java, which saved the internet.

What a crock.

Yeah, "Computer Stupidities" finally updated. Only 7 months after the last update.

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