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#1446: Bad Google, no biscuit.

This idea was proposed several years ago at the height of the Dot-com boom. No one with any brains is going to leave all his documents and programs--including personal data--in the hands of a faceless corporate entity.

Not to mention--what if your 'Net connection goes down?

Look, in 50 years when the 'Net "just works" the way your landline telephone does, it'll be a whole other ball of wax, but right now, no.

* * *

The coach of the basketball team which won 100-0 was fired for letting his team win. Yeah, that's right: if you win too decisively, you're a bad person. Think about the other team's feelings! You should let the other team score a few points or soemthing!

What a bunch of crap.

* * *

Global warming has resulted in snow in the UAE. That's right, because of human-driven global warming they got snow on a mountain in the United Arab Emirates.

Someone alert Al Gore.

...or was he there?

* * *

While I understand how frustrating it is when someone won't let you sleep, violence is not the answer. No matter how much you may want to shoot the annoying jerk, you're not allowed to. Sorry.

* * *

Vox Day on Obama's future betrayals of Leftists and Democrats. We'll see if this is so. I'm not so sure.

But it'd be nice if Obama decided against making good on many of his campaign promises because he realized how disastrous they would be...

* * *

WoW: yesterday was quite a day for me.

You see, after my girlfriend left here (at about 4 AM) I fired up WoW, figuring I'd play until I got tired.

The server had to reboot around 9-ish, so I logged out and posted here. When the post was done, I logged back in. 4:30 PM I finally logged out. I was sitting there, wondering why the hell I felt so tired when I'd gotten some sleep earlier, and--

Wait a minute, when did I sleep? 'Cause I started playing at 4, and...

...oh. Yeah.

I felt a lot better when I realized that I hadn't actually slept at all, because that meant my tiredness was actually warranted. So I did what any sensible person would do in such a situation: after dinner, I went to bed.

On the plus side, Gunbunnysmit went from 23 pending quests to 15, and is now 44th level.

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