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#1447: I've got about a billion links.

Hang onto your wiimote. This is why there's a wrist strap. (There is one, isn't there?)

I wonder if a CRT could have survived that?

* * *

Einstein referred to quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance". But it works, and in fact you can do some weird stuff when you start experimenting with quantum esoterica. (One experiment placed an atom into a superposition of two states...and then physically seperated the states by a non-trivial distance. So the atom was essentially in two places at once; and if one could decide how to collapse the probability waveform, the atom could have been teleported from one point to another.)

We're still a pretty long way from having truly useful quantum computers--that is, machines which can be used by the average Joe for, well, whatever--but the research is ongoing because it would just be so damn useful.

* * *

"Terror is the new communism." College education leaves too many people in a state of breathtaking ignorance.

* * *

The Gore Effect lives! Gore's testimony before Congress, on the dangers of global warming, had to be postposed due to a snowstorm.

God is trying to tell you something, Al. LISTEN ALREADY.

* * *

Obama begins to reverse Bush eco-policies, which is not going to help the economy. Oh well.

* * *

Terrorists and their sympathizers don't care who is President of the USA.

No additional comment needed.

* * *

Obama's little blue book?

* * *

Come hell or high water the Democrats are going to destroy Karl Rove.

Way to go, guys; make the US into a third-world country. Forget all that "peaceful transfer of power" stuff. You've got the White House and both houses of Congress; now you can make Bush pay for having the gall to win. Twice.

* * *

Obama wants to ban "space weapons". Practical result: US won't have space weapons. China probably will. So when the shit hits the fan we'll lose all our satellites. Saying, "Well, I guess the bad guys cheated..." will be cold comfort.

* * *

It's not racism when blacks exclude whites based on their skin color. Don't you guys know anything? Blacks can't be racist because they're oppressed!

(The fact that we now have a black president notwithstanding.)

* * *

Finally, a news article with correct information about nuclear power.

And while we're on the subject, do we really want to be taking a back seat to the French? On anything? The French are doing nuclear power correctly while the US is mired firmly in the 1930s. WTF.

* * *

If this ever happens to you, turn off the light before reaching for the pen.

* * *

...okay, maybe it wasn't quite a "billion".

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