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#1448: Memristor update.

They can be used to build self-programming logic circuits. Whatever, just bring on the super-high-density memory chips already.

* * *

It's too late to fix it: human carbon emissions have screwed up the global climate for the next 1,000 years.

This kind of story makes me want to bang my head against something. The study that the article refers to is flawed in that atmospheric carbon dioxide lags temperature by 800 freaking years.

The temperature data for the last two centuries doesn't track the carbon emissions of humanity--it's not even close--and despite a 0.775° drop in the global temperature anomaly over one year there is no corresponding drop in carbon content of the atmosphere.

And the oceans are cooling.


* * *

The Curmudgeon Emeritus at Eternity road nails it here, in a post on college education versus earning potential.

While a college education is an indicator for success, it is not a guarantor.

It's kind of like the link between smoking and lung cancer. Yes if you smoke your risk increases; no if you smoke you are not guaranteed to get lung cancer or any form of lung disease.

I have had one job in my life which required a college degree. Just one. All the others have required only skills which were self-taught, the willingness to work, the ability to work without supervision, and a functioning brain.

* * *

"It's kind of ironic. We came to the big city to get discriminated against."

Okay, first off: punctuation FAIL. The correct way to punctuate and edit that statement:

"It's kind of ironic: we came to the big city [and were] discriminated against."

Why the brackets? Because I doubt these lesbians were sitting in the Canadian hinterland saying, "Eh, let's go to the big city, eh? We could get discriminated against, eh?"

As written, it looks as if the lesbian in question is saying, "We came to the big city specifically in order to have people discriminate against us."

But enough of that. What I really want to take exception to is the unspoken assumption that--out in the hinterland, among the yokels and rednecks--people experience greater degrees of discrimination and bigotry than they do in the big city, among the sophisticates and artists and erudite.

...people are people no matter where the hell you go. The big city sophisticates are merely bigoted against different things. These lesbians expected the discrimination to work in their favor in the big city, and were shocked that it didn't.

That is what this story is really about.

* * *

"Studies show vegetarians have better sex."

...then why are the women in the ad resorting to getting kinky with vegetables? I mean, if your sex life is "better" (than, one would assume, the average) why do you have to resort to rubbing your pelvic region against a pumpkin, as one cut in the ad suggests?

To my way of thinking--correct me if I'm wrong, here--if these people were having such a great time in the bedroom, perhaps they wouldn't be performing "sexually suggestive" acts with vegetables.

Or, who knows, maybe they have such great sex lives because the vegetables don't talk back. I don't know.

* * *

Fantastic. I'm screwed. I'm sitting here knocking back jug after jug of Pepsi, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (because of the idiotic price supports on sugar, PepsiCo has to use that stuff instead of sugar. It doesn't taste as good, either).

And the syrup just might be contaminated with mercury. *sigh*

The good part is that its elemental mercury, which the body does not readily metabolize. The bad part is that it's still freaking mercury.

Well, I haven't gone insane yet--although at times it seems a near thing--so WTF. Besides, maybe I can get disability if I do.

* * *

Boss Tweek on the cover of Mad Magazine!

Expect them to get sued and threatened and yelled at a lot for saying something that might not be 100% complimentary to President Tweek.

* * *

I am taking some time off from work. I gave away my shifts on 1/30 and 2/2, and so I need not report for work until 2/6. Whee!

But what to do? I had a couple of ideas:

1) Rent some skis and go to a ski resort that's not too far from here, in Indiana. It's like an hour's drive, maybe a bit more; but I can't even remember the name of the place. *sigh* But that would be fun.

2) Go to an indoor water park. Spend a couple-three days there. I'd have to drive to Wisconsin to do it, and it would cost quite a bit. *sigh* But that would be fun. (Maybe take my girlfriend with me.)

The real problem is that I just don't have any energy to do ambitious things like that, and I don't know why. There's too much planning and bustling and stuff to be done in order to make a trip like that happen, and the way I feel lately I don't even know how I manage to get out of bed.

So instead of doing anything like that, in all probability I'm just going to vegetate and play WoW. *sigh* WTF.

* * *

I haven't watched any anime since 11/30, except for a few eps of Lovely Complex with my girlfriend. The stuff with the girlfriend is complicated and I think it's the proximate cause of my anime laxity.

You see, my new GF is an old GF--my first GF, Beth. She called me out of the blue in early December, and we got together and socialized a bit, and found ourselves compatible. So here we are, back together.

But with that, the holiday season, and my immersion in the World of Warcraft, I haven't taken any time to watch anime...and so the playlist has stalled.

Eventually I will get a hankering to continue with the watcherating--but for the moment I've got other things to do.

Huh. And to think I call myself "otaku". I'd better watch it; they're going to revoke my membership card.

The GF thing alone is sufficient cause for them to do that, though.

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