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#1453: Obama dozed, people froze

That's the only possible headline for today.

The Anchoress, awesome as usual.
This proves once again that the mainstream media is selective in its coverage, which is driven by its own agenda. What it wants to cover and hype for good or ill gets covered and hyped ad nauseam. And what it does not want to address, gets lost. This is an inconvenient story, with inconvenient victims, so you won’t see the high drama, the probing questions and harsh criticism we’ve seen before.
The MSM isn't interested in making Boss Tweek look bad, so no one will pin this disaster on him the way Katrina was pinned on President Bush.

* * *

Also from the Anchoress is a success story the press doesn't want to acknowledge. It's too soon for Iraq to be called "successful" since Barry's only been in office for 12 days.

In a couple years, though, suddenly Iraq will be a "success" and the super-strong implication will be that Obama did it.

* * *

Attention England: not using an apostrophe where one is warranted is just as bad as sprinkling them through your text like nonpariels.

* * *

Iowa needs more nuclear power. Not just Iowa.

When I lived in Iowa, in Cedar Rapids, I was a scant 10 miles from a nuclear power plant. I loved it. Cedar Rapids may be the "city of five smells" but at least coal smoke wasn't one of them.

...I can never recall what the "five smells" were. One was the Penford corn sweetener plant and the other was the Quaker Oats factory. Both emitted, shall we say, unmistakable odors which were not entirely unpleasant.

The sewage treatment plant--at times when the wind was from the right direction--was not so pleasant, but it was a rare phenomenon.

For the most part, the air around CR is pretty clean. Part of that comes, of course, from the fact that it sits square in the middle of miles and miles of corn fields--it's a 20-mile drive through farmland to get to Iowa City, and it's an 80-mile drive through more corn fields to get to Waterloo, which are the closest major cities to CR--but since the city gets about half its power from a nuclear power plant, that helps a lot.

(Most of the time. The Duane Arnold plant has to go down for periodic maintenance, of course.)

Longtime readers of the Fungus will not be surprised to read here that I think it's stupid to burn coal (and oil especially, and natural gas) to generate power when we have the technology to "burn" neutrons instead. And I have dealt with the nuclear waste non-issue here before as well. (Waste, safety, etc, etc.)

* * *

So Obama is staying toasty warm in the White House with the thermostat set at 77°--while thousands of people in Tennesee are freezing--instead of leaving the thermostat at 72° and putting on a sweater.

Even so, the comparisons to Carter continue. Just remember, you read it here first. I said he would be "Carter 2.0", didn't I?

This paragraph displays ignorance of cause and effect:
The Republicans are in fighting mood after Obama failed to secure a single vote on their side for his $819 billion financial stimulus package in the House of Representatives, despite intensive wooing.
In fact, the Democrats "failed to secure a single [Republican] vote" because the GOP is in a fighting mood.

And where the hell was this "fighting mood" for the past eight freaking years? Why does it take Democrats seizing the White House and both houses of Congress for Republicans to get into a "fighting mood"? Screw that "new tone" crap.

And speaking of scrapping the "new tone", recall that in the late 1970s we had Billy Beer for a while? From the Wikipedia entry, "Billy Carter was selected as spokesman for the beer because his brother was [P]resident and it was widely known that he enjoyed drinking beer."*

Well, let's welcome the introduction of George Weed. Since it is widely known that Obama's half-brother enjoys smoking marajuana....

(I actually have a can of Billy Beer somewhere. At least I've got the can--I collected beer cans for a while back then.)

* * *

In the movie Gattaca, the main character goes to a piano concert where the performer has like six or seven fingers in addition to his thumbs--I didn't have a chance to get a good count because the guy is never shown except on a marquee poster--and the implication is that, of course, the performer was genetically modified specifically to be a master pianist.

Who knows what this kid will end up doing with his extra digits? But it's an interesting case. Medical anomalies are probably about half of the driving force behind the advancement of medicine.

* * *

This guy will be put on the blogroll:
Every tyrant in history except for Julius Caesar has imprisoned, exiled or murdered his political opponents, including all artists, writers, journalists and academics who were opposed to the regime. So we should ask: How long would a George Bernard Shaw have survived had he lived in Soviet Russia? How long would a Jane Fonda have been allowed to travel and speak against the North Vietnamese regime had she been North Vietnamese? How long would a Cuban George McGovern or Jesse Jackson have been allowed to roam and speak freely?

The answers are obvious: all would have been arrested and frog marched either to the camp or the gibbet. Tyrants have no use for domestic versions of the international left. The purpose of the left is solely to create mischief in democratic and free societies, the prime example of which is—of course—the United States. These creatures who support every ghastly dictator are really just dupes and fools, true champions of Moloch. To put it plainly, they are in love with evil.


*(I corrected the capitalization there. When referring to the President of the United States, it's always supposed to be captialized. I am standing in a glass house throwing stones here, but oh well.)

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