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#1455: Obama dozed, people froze (again)

It's a big disaster. (Michelle Malkin.)

The press finally deigned to notice it. (The Anchoress.)
This is the first thing that Obama can rightly be criticized for - he should now, finally, make an appearance. The rest of it, the steak-eating, the cocktails, the ballgame - it is brought up only to illustrate the difference between what was unreasonably demanded of one president, and what is (reasonably) excused in another.

The “where’s Bush” press should be called on this; on the double-standards, the manipulative and self-indulgent emotionalism and dishonest Bush-bashing that demanded miracles from a man who had done all he could in the situation, and asks nothing at all of President Obama. If there is still an honest reporter, anywhere - in print or on television or radio - I’d like to see him or her encourage some self-examination of the press and their extreme and reprehensible behavior during Katrina. But I won’t hold my breath. After all, most members of the press think Katrina was “their finest hour.”
The Anchoress nails the entire issue quite nicely there.

* * *

The Big Bang killed atheism? Interesting take, anyway.

* * *

I'm including this one for two reasons. First, I like the headline: "Night of mayhem"! Second, one person was charged with "possession of Xanax".

I suppose they mean that he had Xanax and didn't have a prescription for it. He hid it in his buttcrack, so one must assume he was taking it illicitly, but why the hell anyone would want to take Xanax recreationally is beyond me. All it ever does to me is make me sleepy. Of course, I take the prescribed dosage. I may be missing something!

* * *

In this article on a massive snowstorm immobilizing London, nothing is said about "global warming", which is nice. Actually the piece mentions that London is now warmer than it was in Dickens' time, but in the proper context of the Little Ice Age.

Jalopnik is part of the Gawker media complex, so it's interesting to see them not toe the party line. It would have been very easy for the writer of the piece to say instead that London is not snowy because of "global warming" or "climate change" or whatev.

* * *

"Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks," said--of Sarah Palin--the sponsor of a bill meant to "six national emergency centers for corralling civilians on military installations".

So let me get this straight: if you hunt big game, you're a racist anti-semite?


* * *

Liberal talk radio fails every time its tried. Generally it fails because it's not entertaining. The problem is, liberals are angry at everything, and it's no fun to listen to them. (Even if you're a liberal.)

So, hearing that yet another liberal talk show/station has failed to garner much market support is not surprising. It was ever thus; and this is why Democrats so badly want the Fairness Doctrine back: because it'll take conservatives off the air.

* * *

Apparently the Obama administration is going to make Israel give a lot of ground.

And Iran views Obama's overtures as a sign of "weakness". I've said it before and I'll say it again: the only language those people understand is violence. If you want them to play nice you have to pound them first.

Example: Libya. When was the last time we heard a peep from them? Sometime in the early 1980s--because Reagan had the Air Force drop some bombs on Moammar's head after Libya had been caught sponsoring anti-US terrorism in Europe.

In fact, during the runup to the war in Iraq, Moammar very carefully made it plain that Libya was giving up its attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Moammar is a pretty smart guy; he learned from just one lesson not to confuse America's forbearance for weakness.

Iran has never been on the receiving end of any serious military action from America--not ever, not even when they committed an act of war against us. (US embassy seizure, 1979, etc. Which the sitting Iranian president took part in.) If we want these turkeys to take us seriously, step number one should be to flatten their nuclear facilties with laser-guided bombs.

That won't happen under this administration, though.

* * *

No surprises here: "[t]he Prius sustained more damage than the pickup." The Prius is a styro-car--made with a lot of plastic and composites--in order to make it as light as possible. And since the driver of the thing did it deliberately he can expect his insurance rates to rise precipitously.


* * *

I have to disagree with Neal on this one. Chuck Grassley is the first--the only--Senator by whom I have ever been represented whom I respected. And I agree with Grassley's take on Microsoft's plans, too. People on H1-B visas may or may not be as qualified as the American citizens they displace, but they generally work cheaper. This drives down the price of labor.

Speaking as someone who worked in the technical industry, let me tell you, the salaries are low enough as it is. Particularly for engineers who are typically expected to work 60+ hours per week. When a company can pay some guy from Timbuktu 70% of what they'd have to pay an American--paying a few thousand more for the visa and associated moving costs--they come out ahead even if the foreigner isn't as good as the American he replaces. And believe me, many companies will look favorably at saving that money even if the replacement person doesn't do as good a job.

My own experiences in the technical writing field parallel this. Management wanted to get rid of the "graybeards"--people with long experience. The main reason was that the more experienced people cost more to employ, because their salaries were higher, and management figured that if you could replace an experienced writer making $50,000 per year with some college grad with a fresh english major for $34,000 without the documentation suffering any technical deficits. (Not incidentally off-loading the burden of writing the technical aspects to other departments, thus foisting your biggest time costs onto time charging codes that weren't yours.)

This is, of course, wrong; a manual written by someone who knows how the thing works is vastly superior to one edited by a guy who doesn't know a thermistor from a thermostat. I just have to wonder what the industry thinks of the "new" manuals from Rockwell-Collins. Are they seen as being as good as they used to be? Or are they considered crap? Is "recently revised but lousy" better than "updated every ten years but chock-full of useful information"?

* * *

Ooh, Mark Steyn is sitting in for Limbaugh today!

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