atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1456: Death in the family

Well, the brother-in-law who was trying to drink himself into an early grave has finally managed to do so. He was found on the floor of his rented room earlier today, dead.

That's all we really know; we don't know what killed him and probably won't until an autopsy is performed. I guess it wasn't anything obvious, anyway, so it could have been anything from a heart attack to a stroke to God-knows-what.

The person in the family who is best suited to go up to Maine and help out? Guess who!

On the plus side, it means I get to see the kids sooner than next summer. Maybe I'll get to go skiing--my nephew enjoys skiing and it's something we could do together. (Though since I last went skiing in 1994, it ought to be..."interesting".)

Everything is still up in the air, and we don't really know what will be what for at least a day or two.

I'm not particularly broken up about it; the guy was obviously self-destructing, so it wasn't a surprise. I liked him--I really did--but after the way he'd been behaving the past few years it's hard to find enough emotion to prompt any real grief.


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