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#1458: "Massive foreign policy failures".

We're headlining today with The Return of Scipio because of his discussion of Boss Tweek's "massive foreign policy failures".

Yeah, already. The guy hasn't even been President a month yet and the nogoodniks are getting uppity.

* * *

Iran has a freaking satellite? Do you understand what this means?

I'll tell you what it means: Iran can hit any point on the face of the planet with an atomic bomb.

Okay? Are we all on the same page? The ability to put a satellite into orbit is equivalent to being able to place a nuclear warhead just about anywhere on the face of the Earth. It takes more energy to put something into orbit than it does to put it into a ballistic arc.

So, do you remember all those people who were telling us that Iran couldn't hit the United States with an atomic bomb? That they couldn't EMP us even if they wanted to? That they didn't have the ability to deliver an atomic bomb this far from their country?


Let me tell you something else: you don't just suddenly up and decide to send a satellite into orbit. Iran has been planning this for a while. I would wager that they purposely waited until the new administration was in place before doing this.

We have got to take out their nuclear capability and we have to do it now.

Unfortunately, we won't. Back up your critical data to optical media, folks.

* * *

After the severe downer, some humor:

Real Life Comics:

I laughed out loud at this one.

The joke is, Greg's wife Liz made him a Japanese-style bento--they've spent several strips leading up to this one discussing the things that make up the bento in question.

* * *

Gay marriage, gay divorce.

These two lesbians who had actively campaigned for same-sex "marriage" were married for all of two years before being "amicably seperated" and living apart--and now, four years after marrying, want a divorce.

Summary: "We want gay marriage! We want gay marriage! Hurray, we got gay marriage! We can get married! 'I do!' We're married! ...we hate each other and want a divorce!"


It's not all whipped cream and cherries, is it? I would think that if you worked your ass off to be allowed to marry you'd at least try to remain married, together, as a couple. Does their victory mean so little to them?

Apparently so. Maybe getting married wasn't the point; maybe devaluing the institution of marriage was the point after all.

* * *

Hyundai and Subaru are doing okay, anyway. The Japanese and Korean automakers that sell big in the US are all doing much better than their (unionized) American counterparts.

I guess it makes a huge difference when selling a car doesn't cost your company $1,500.

* * *

As for me, I don't know what the plan is yet. Assuming I go to Maine--I fail to see how I won't--the Fungus will not update as much as usual, if at all. I just don't know.

(Part of me thinks it may be possible to find a WiFi hot spot somewhere within reasonable driving distance, so I can play WoW. And, incidentally, post here.)

When I have more energy I expect to have a detailed look at this Ars Technica piece about bloggerating tools.

Finally, it sounds like northwest Indiana got pounded with snow in the past 24 hours. We got a few flakes and that was it.

And now it's going to get cold. Oh well.

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