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#1461: I wish it were that easy.

States move to reassert their rights under the 10th and 11th amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Problem: states have, at most, National Guard units. The federal government has the freaking U.S. Army. (Not to mention the Air Force and Marines.) Any "reassertion of sovereignty" is going to be quashed if it becomes inconvenient to Washington D.C. Trust me on this.

The time to object to federalism was 20, 30 years ago, or whenever the hell it was first attempted. Now it's too late.


* * *

What can you say about this?

At what point is an abortionist a butcher? I'd say this one crossed the line.

Okay, the baby was born very premature--so premature it probably wouldn't have survived even if it had been born in a hospital and immediately put into NICU--but the law seems clear: a baby which is born alive and breathing is a person, and if you purposely act to kill it, you're a murderer.

That's why, in a "partial birth abortion", the abortionist delivers only the baby's head--and then proceeds to vacuum out the baby's brains. Since birth is not complete, the baby is not officially "born", and is therefore (supposedly) not a person, even if the baby could survive outside the womb.

The baby was delivered alive. Whether or not it would have lived very long is not the issue; it was a complete live birth. That abortionist committed infanticide.

* * *

Hey, Al? You're one of those "older people" you told teenagers not to listen to. I hate to break it to you, but you're sixty-one years old.

Back when you were a teenager, what was the saying? "Don't trust anyone over 40?" Is that what it was?

Stop acting like you're still a teenager and grow the hell up.

* * *

"Stimulus" will cause inflation. Anyone should be able to understand this: the government is basically printing money, and if you run the printing presses, you devalue the currency.

It's not just the "stimulus" package; it's the increase in the money supply. The dollars you're saving right now will probably be worth less next year because of everything they're doing in Washington to try to fix the economy--and as has happened every time they've tried this kind of nonsense, it won't work.

Oh well.

* * *

Even Toyota is feeling the pinch these days. Soft global market for new cars and the rise of the yen has broken Toyota's 58-year run of black ink.

* * *

This is a surprise? George Stephanopolous--a former Clinton spokesman--is having daily conference calls with the Obama administration.

Well, technically, he's talking with Rahm Emanuel, who is Obama's chief advisor--this administration's "Karl Rove", if you will.

When Stephanopolous first got his job with ABC news, fresh from the Clinton White House, it seemed odd to me. What other White House spokesman has done that?

(Tony Snow worked for Fox News before he worked for George Bush, it is true. But he went in the opposite direction. He got his job at the White House after, not before, he worked for a major news outlet.)

There may be nothing to these daily conversations with Rahm Emanuel, but if Stephanopolous had any sense of journalistic integrity whatsoever he would have realized that it might look bad for him to talk to the Presidents chief freaking advisor every day.

It's even worse if he's talking with Emanuel, Paul Begala, and James Carville at the same time--much worse--because these people were all Clinton insiders, and the current administration is also full of Clinton insiders: it smacks of collusion between politicians and a journalist.

ABC can hire whoever it wants, and they can report the news any way they choose. If ABC wants to become the "Obama News Network" that's their lookout. But a significant number of Americans will cease to take ABC News seriously if they do that.

Just denying it isn't going to help, either.

* * *

(Would liberals take it seriously if Fox News denied being the "Bushitler news network"? Ha! Ha! Ha. I am a jokester. Don't hold your breath.)

* * *

So, my travel plans are set. I bought the tickets yesterday morning. I've secured the time off from work. All I have to do now is...everything else. *sigh*

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