atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1463: Proof that Boss Tweek is unfit for office!


First it was the door fiasco and now this. Looks like President Obama has trouble with doors! He must be stupid! Too stupid to be President!!!

...this is the kind of rhetoric we got from the Left for all eight years of Bush 43. It's "patriotic dissent", remember?


* * *

More horror stories from single-payer health care. This is what the Democrats want for us. Just remember, the politicians won't have to wait for health care. You and me, however, will.

* * *

I am starting to think that fascism is in our future. The hell of it is, I fail to see how we can avoid it.

The big problem with representative republics is that, inevitably, the people learn that they can vote for whatever they want, and get it, even if it doesn't make economic sense. This way lies ruin; and when things get bad enough, it makes room for the unscrupulous to move in and take over.

Strict government control of privately-owned industry is the defining feature of fascism. And which party has the majority right now? Which party is actually trying to implement it?

* * *

Vox Day says that Obama is off to a "bad start" and Roger Hedgecock confidently predicts his failure. As far as I'm concerned both of these predictions are no-brainers. I haven't had any confidence in this administration from the get-go; and unlike some of my fellow conservative bloggers I haven't been able to summon any hope that my fears would prove unfounded.

* * * I'm getting ready for my trip, and I tried installing WoW and the Burning Crusade expansion on the laptop in the vain hope that I could avoid downloading 2 GB worth of patches.


It downloaded each and every patch, tying up the laptop for ten hours. *sigh* On the plus side, it runs WoW tolerably well. The video's a bit choppy (20 fps instead of 30) but I think it'll do.

I stopped at Best Buy yesterday and picked up a 1 TB external drive. That'll be my new backup drive; the 500 GB Seagate will get wiped and have stuff dumped to it from the desktop and then that'll go with me. I'm taking my entire freaking anime library with me--if I am bored, it'll be my own damned fault.

The 1 TB drive (Western Digital) cost a bit less than the 500 GB one cost me in late 2007. Ah, progress.

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