atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1473: Open mouth, insert foot!

Boss Tweek asserts that the car was invented in the United States. Incorrectly.

Okay, let's hear what the people say who think that misspelling "potato" is grounds for impeachment.


Let's see what comes from the people who said that Bush was unfit for office because he misspoke a lot.


Okay then, how about the folks that called Reagan an "amiable dunce"?


What about those who scoffed when Bush tried to open a locked door?


It's kind of odd how those people are all completely silent when it's their guy that's making the mistakes and running into doors and saying that he had toured all "fifty seven" of the United States and making a plethora of other verbal blunders.

...actually, it's not odd at all. Liberals make a habit out of harping continuously on any blunder, large or small, made by a Republican, and they'll spout derision about that mistake long after the Republican is out of office. It's always a sign that the Republican is stupid, of course. But when their guy makes the same kind of honest mistake it's perfectly reasonable. It's not a sign of stupidity at all, and you're just being petty.

Well, I don't fucking care. Obama saying that the car was invented in the US was a stupid mistake, and so far he's made at least three such stupid mistakes.

Slipping when getting off of an airplane followed Ford around for the rest of his life. The guy slipped on some slick surface--something any person could do--and suddenly he was "clumsy" and we were treated to Chevy Chase doing pratfalls on Saturday Night Live.

Where are the comedy sketches showing Obama running into doors, as he's done twice, now? (Well, one was a door; the other was bouncing his head off the hatch coaming while getting aboard Marine One. Still.)

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