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#1474: Obama's not helping us. Can we throw him out in the snow?

"Obama's words on home aid ring hollow."

Having signed a one trillion billion deficit spending package, Boss Tweek now says he's going to save a whopping two trillion "over the next decade".

That's $200 billion per year. The federal budget--absent porkulus bills--comes to about $1.4 trillion these days. So Obama has figured out how to save 14% of federal outlays? Count on 90% of that "savings" to come from the military budget.

* * *

When I have more patience than I do right now, I will watch this video and see if it really is as ludicrous as the writer of the article asserts. I'm willing to believe him right now, though. Liberals are whiny little bitches.

* * *

Michelle Malkin: "No tears for these forclosure 'victims'. Soo, "Octomom" has enough money to buy video games for her pod of monkeys but not enough to pay her mortgage. Next we'll hear about how horrible it is that she's being forclosed on when she's got "six thousand little griglings" to support. (Bonus points for identifying the movie that came from.)

There's a funny thing about applying for a loan from a bank: if the bank doesn't offer you what you're looking for you have the right to refuse to take the loan. Or, you know what? If you feel like you have to take that loan for $100,000 more than the house you want to buy, you keep the $100,000 for a few months and then give it back to them.

Also from Malkin: "Northern Trust Vice President John O’Connell essentially admitted the company provided Obama preferential loan terms because of his position in the U.S. Senate."

* * *

I don't have anything else to say and House, MD is starting in about 10 minutes. Later, all.

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