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#1476: I've got 35 minutes to finish this.

Because Battlestar Galactica comes on at 9 PM!

* * *

Example #1 of why eco-nutterism is bad: Carbon caps cause unemployment.

* * *

The Anchoress:
Freedom that is only one-sided i.e., “she is free to have a late term, partial-birth abortion and you are not free to refuse her request” or “she is free to demand this contraception and you are not free to refuse to fill that prescription,” is not really freedom.

It is enslavement. Dress it up any way you want. If the government is forcing you to do what your conscience tells you not to, under threats to your freedom, your purse or your livelihood, then you are not free.
Welcome to the new slavery of political correctness!

* * *

Iowa Department of Natural Resources disallows protestors to dump tea in Cedar River. Well...I'm of two minds on this one. On the one hand, it's tea, which is drunk by literal billions of people all over the world every day. On the other hand, many towns in Iowa get their water from the river aquifers. Would you want to make baby formula from highly dilute tea? (Esp. if you believe in homeopathics: "this is a 1x molar solution of caffiene!" or some such.)


* * *

SPace junk! There's a lot of space up there but there are relatively few places we typically put satellites--and that's the problem. You release junk into orbit and it tends to stay there--satellites wouldn't do much good to us if they didn't--and the end result is an ever-growing cloud of debris that's moving faster than the fastest rifle bullet.

According to the article, the Iridium satellite and the Russian hulk that collided last month did so with a relative velocity of 6.11 miles per second. That's fast enough to go most of the way around the planet in an hour.

I suppose we'll find a way to clean the stuff up when it really becomes a problem, though.

* * *

Professor uses the power of the state to stifle the open discussion of ideas. A college student got called by campus security after giving a presentation about gun violence on campuses which suggested that more guns, not less, might fix the problem.

* * *

Prayer in schools is perfectly okay again!

And if you believe that, I've got some prime land in Florida I'd like to sell you....

* * *

Last night I played WoW for several hours and had a wonderful time. Calandraxyzz is now 34th level, I've got her about halfway to 35th, and I found a great place in Ashenvale for grinding a 34th-level character. I could have kept going there all the way to 35th level if I hadn't been so tired after a long night of gaming.

I'm very close to maxxing out my "skinning" skill. "Leatherworking" is over 135 and steadily climbing. "First aid" has hit the trainer ceiling of 150; now I need to find the books that let you go farther. But now I tend to use bandages instead of food to heal up, and I have about 40 silk bandages on hand as well as at least 20 heavy wool bandages--enough for any occasion!

And that's all I've got, with 15 minutes left to go. Heh.

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