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#1477: Galileo is giving us the bird.

His middle finger is on display. Okay, so there's not anything attached to it, but it is his middle finger....

* * *

Putting RFID into driver's licenses? I don't like the idea.

* * *

This is ludicrous. Of course, I reject the idea that the automobile is the do-all-be-all of global doomsday authors anyway.

"The vast majority of the paper used by American consumers is produced from virgin forests." This is only correct if you consider all paper and if you consider the vast tracts of land planted by paper companies with fast-growing trees to be "virgin forest".

The funny part is, the eco-nazis don't seem to get the fact that if you harvest trees and use them to make paper you are sequestering carbon dioxide. Making paper reduces global warming!

* * *

Larry Niven talked about stuff like this in some of his books. Loius Wu wore a garment which turned stiff the instant something struck it but which was otherwise flexible--and now we're getting closer to being able to make that kind of thing in real life.


* * *

The Unknown Glitch discusses the e-leashes with which people fetter themselves. I agree with UG; he's dead on with this one.

Bonus points for having a cool car.

* * *

It would be better to build some solar power satellites as those would do more to stop "global warming"--by displacing coal-burning power plants--than a sun shade would.

In any case, this is a bad idea. We have no idea what the hell the Earth's climate is doing, and ignorant meddling with the climate will--not "could" or "might" but will--cause an eco-disaster which would make even the most dire warming predictions look like a night at Bennigan's.

* * *

Speaking of solar power, this is cool: the ability to print solar cells like we print money.

The conventional method of making solar cells is a complex and time-consuming task, and it requires all sorts of toxic chemicals to accomplish, leading to a fairly expensive end product.

This method makes it faster and simpler--just run a printing press. They make pretty big presses--14 feet wide is the biggest I've heard of--and 62 miles times 14 feet is enough solar cell material to cover an entire neighborhood worth of rooftops.

These cells are 3% efficient, compared to 20-30% for conventional cells. The difference is these can be made in great quantity and therefore will cost a lot less. And--I would expect--as the technology matures, the efficiency will increase. (Early conventional solar cells weren't all that hot, either. We're comparing a new technology to a mature one.)

But, of course, the place that these things would really shine would be--you got it!--in orbit. Imagine running a printing press in orbit, running 62-mile sheets of solar cells and then taking 'em out and fastening them to spindly aluminum frames, which are then fastened to a larger grid and connections made....

* * *

Ah, it's nice to have a sleepy Saturday afternoon where nothing needs doing.

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