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#1480: Iran threatens Israel

This is news? Well, since Iran (not "elements in Iran") recently launched a satellite into a stable--if low--orbit, it means that Iran could hit just about any location on the planet. Once they've managed to build a warhead that's compact enough to be boosted by that missile platform, it's adios muchachos.

If you think I'm just disaster-mouthing, go right ahead and cling to that belief. When your iPod, iPhone, Prius, and Macintosh all go dead at the same time the power fails and everything within 500 miles of New York City (or Washington D.C.) stops, you can complain about how the Bush administration should have done something.

But don't come and complain to me, because I warned you.

Meanwhile, I think Iran mistakes the reasons that Israel doesn't just go pound Iran into asphalt. The reason Israel isn't blowing up Iran's nuke plants now is that the US is--and has been--saying "No, don't do that; we mean it."

It's not because Iran--and Iran alone--would be able to wreak doomsday on Israel. It's because if Israel attacked Iran, Israel would then have to contend with Syria, Jordan, and a handful of other islamic states with which it shares borders...and without US aid it would be an unwinnable war. And since the US is saying "no", Israel cannot count on help from the US. Especially since the Democrats seized power in November; the Democrat party has historically been hostile to Israel's interests.

* * *

Your McNuggets are not an emergency. Good Lord--how stupid can you be? You don't call 911 because a restaurant won't give you a refund. If you must involve the police, call the non-emergency number.

I mention this because I want you to think long and hard about socializing medicine. "But Ed," you ask, "how the hell are those two things related?"

Because it's for god-damned sure that this woman will get a stomach ache sometime in her life, and she'll call 911 for an ambulance ride to the hospital, where she'll be trundled into an exam room. The doctor will spend precious time figuring out that the woman has a stomach ache from eating too many goddamned chicken McNuggets, give her a couple Tums, and send her home. Cost to taxpayer: $4,980.39. (Cost estimated.)

Multiply this by 100,000 per day. There are a lot of stupid people out there.

Meanwhile, people who drove themselves to the hospital for broken bones, sprains, etc, will have to wait longer for treatment because ambulance cases take precedence. (They have to. You can't assume that someone who called an ambulance did so because she's a fricking moron; you have to assume that the ambulance was summoned for a real medical emergency.)

Now: as long as medical care is rationed by expense, people will stop and think for a bit before they summon the paramedics: "Okay, am I really having a heart attack, or does the fact that I ate a bunch of greasy fried food for dinner have something to do with this burning sensation just below my rib cage?" They might try taking an antacid first. But if they don't have to pay a dime for it, they'll just think, "Shit, it's a heart attack! I'm calling 911!"

You think I'm exaggerating? I'm not. There's tons of data like these from Canada and Great Britain, whose medical systems the Democrats want to emulate here.

The results are predictable, unless you're a Democrat.

As for the McDonald's restaurant in particular, the restaurant should have given a refund. Why they refused to give one to this screeching harpy is a matter for speculation. Offering $2 worth of food to substitute for a $4.50 menu item is not acceptable. McDonald's corporation has issued a full refund, though, plus a gift certificate for a free meal. Maybe the woman can go get her McNuggets later.

And as an aside, what the fuck do the nutritional properties of McNuggets have to do with this story?

* * *

Good anime news for spring: Hayate no Gotoku 2 is coming. Hooray!

Hatsuoki Limited sounds interesting--by the same artist who did Ichigo 100%, which I liked. the way, can we Americans stop calling them mangaka and just call them fricking artists? It's like using seiyuu when talking about voice actors. There is no need to use the Japanese word as there are perfect English equivalents for them. (Unlike, for example, dakara, which has a lot of different meanings, or the German bitte which can be used all over the place.) It reeks of pretension and it makes your writing harder for the non-anointed to understand.

The people writing this particular page are too full of their own cleverness to give much of any discussion of the series in question.

* * *

Head doilies. I may have to put Hyperbolic Chamber on the blogroll.
My issue is that liberals are so eager to conform to the dictates of muslims, as restrictive as they are, without complaint, but as a rule do everything to disrespect and disavow Christian tradition. The same mindset of a woman who would throw a fit if you ordered her to cover her head in a church bends over backwards to conform and accommodate muslim tradition.
It's more liberal hypocrisy; aren't you used to this by now?

Anyway, muslims will kill you for disrespecting their traditions. Christians won't. That's the only reason I can figure for this kind of nonsense.

* * *

I don't know who this guy is, but he's 100% right. Damn.

* * *

Ha ha, dumbass. Got your bass on too loud? Leaving the door open to serenade the entire block with your shitmusic? Carrying marijuana? Congrats: you are a fucktard!

(Actually he's a fucktard even without the marijuana. The weed is just icing on the cake.)

* * *

Atheists plan to pan a book on God in order to make its sales tank. This strategy might work if Christians start listening to what atheists think.

* * *

Although it's not news that some Obama voters are sorry they voted for Boss Tweek, it is only not news because the establishment media are not covering it.

Europe is sorry, too. Before long a whole lotta people are going to be a lot more sorry they voted for him, when gas prices climb again (due to taxes rather than high demand), unemployment hits double digits, and inflation sets in.

* * *

Meanwhile it's official that the White House has an internal "Bash Limbaugh" unit, and Larry Elder comments on it.

And guess what? If Boss Tweek is blaming Rush Limbaugh for the ills of the world, Limbaugh's going to laugh all the way to the bank: people will tune in to hear what all the shooting is about, and they'll discover that, hey, this Limbaugh guy is pretty entertaining!

I spell that "b-a-c-k-f-i-r-e".

* * *

I too fail to understand why more homosexuals aren't against islam. Islam is pretty frank about its anti-gay stance: they don't hate the sin but love the sinner; they hate the whole package. If you're found to be gay in a country under Sha'ria you get killed.

Somehow liberals have come to champion the cause of the most intolerant religion in the world--a religion which kills women for being raped; makes women cover their entire bodies; executes homosexuals; and acts generally in highly intolerant fashion. Intolerant of just about everything that liberals like, I might add.

To liberals, somehow Christianity is more intolerant than islam. Christians don't demand the execution of gays. There is no provision in law under the Judeo-Christian tradition--upon which Western law is founded, and which itself hearkens back to Greece and Rome--for the execution of a woman who has been raped. (On, it must be said, the rather dubious grounds that "she was asking for it" by dressing or acting seductively. When a feminist accuses you of rape, tell her that the alleged victim was "asking for it" and see how long you keep your testicles. The point is, under Sha'ria, it is never the man's fault that rape happened.)

* * *

The Anchoress discusses Rush Limbaugh's challenge to Obama today:
Obama supporters are furious and calling Limbaugh like crazy. Why should they be so angry? Obama is an ivy-league educated, excellent orator and the President of the United States. He should be able to out-talk this college dropout, hands down, shouldn’t he? The callers want to re-negotiate the terms for Obama’s sake. It’s pretty funny. Limbaugh replies, (paraphrased) “hey, Obama wants more diversity on the radio - I’m offering time for the Democrat view to be fully exposed and explained…”
And of course Boss Tweek won't take the offer; he can't. Without a teleprompter the so-erudite Obama sounds more like, "Duh, uh, um, well, uh, uh, uh, um, um, uh, taxes."

(I am not saying that Obama is unfit for office due to his inability to speak off the cuff. I am merely pointing out that he can't speak off the cuff, and without help from people who can, Limbaugh would mop the floor with him.)

(Actually I suspect that Limbaugh would mop the floor with Obama regardless. Obama's got nothing but "Office of the President of the United States"; the facts certainly do not support his positions.)

* * *

Admittedly, "Office of the President of the United States" makes up for a lot.

* * *

Speaking of "having nothing", Russia isn't going to deal on the missile defense system in Europe. Russia has no interest in helping us with Iran; if they did, they would already be doing it.

Look, I have to say I like a world without the USSR in it, but the fact that we no longer have communist Russia to worry about does not mean that we are all friends now and everything will be fine. We still have countervailing interests. Russia has its own agenda, and no amount of charm from the American leader--whoever it happens to be--can fix that.

It is therefore not surprising that Russia is unwilling to link the disassembly of the missile shield--which is now more important than ever!--with their "help" with the Iran situation. The two things have nothing to do with each other, and any reasonably competent adult could see that without Russia saying so.

* * *

By the standards of Keith Olbermann, I guess I know several people with "ivy league" credentials because they attended Cornell.

College, in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

I love Ann Coulter.

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