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#1481: Free psychoses, while they last.

Thanks to ET I found this which is spastic and hilarious.

I LOL'ed:

Lincoln looks so phlegmatic. Colin Mochrie looks happy, Teddy Kennedy looks cheerful, Gendo Ikari looks stern (as always) but Lincoln--it just makes the whole thing work.

I realize this is probably ancient, but I can't help that.

* * *

(Note to self: #23 is "Happy Birthday" with Azumanga anime clips. #31 is egregiously stupid, so stupid it's funny. #44, "Carameldansen".)

* * *

I like this.

As "Jen O’Malley Dillon, the new Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee" says, "As even Limbaugh must know, if the President fails, America fails."

"As even Limbaugh must know" but not any Democrats, seeing as they spent the last eight years hoping and praying that George W. Bush would fail at everything.

And read the comments. Awesome.

* * *

Oh great, I'm screwed. Night workers have health problems due to homonal imbalances. Awesome.

* * *

Aiggh Borg mark 1! I'm kidding.

This is awesome news. We're also one step closer to making cyborgs out of humans! Think about how cool it'll be in 50 years when prosthetics are no longer inadequate replacements for the meat and bone they replace.

* * *

Snails emit nitrous oxide. Well hell, no wonder they're so slow: they should be burning that NOS, not venting it. joke...

I wonder what the total biomass of snails is. I wonder how that total compares to that of human biomass, and I wonder how snail nitrous oxide emissions compare to those of humans.

The article doesn't say, unfortunately. "Journalism FAIL."

In another example of a journalism failure, this article says that windmills produce "too much power" at night but it does not say how that compares to power generation during the day.

I would think that these facts would be important information for these articles; but given how the press operates these days, I have to suspect that the missing information somehow goes against the "green is good" template.

* * *

After Michael Steele agreed that the GOP convention "looked like Nazi Germany" I was convinced he needed not to be the chairman of the Republican party. The information in this article further convinces me that he really needs not to be the chairman of the Republican party any longer.

(And that gets the award for "convoluted but grammatically-correct sentence construction".)

* * *

Explicit song lyrics influence teens. Who would have thunk it?

* * *

Yesterday I drove Mom to a couple of doctor's appointments. I drove a total of 30 miles to do it. Whee!

...not complaining, just talking...

Today Joe Biden is giving a speech and the press is not allowed to hear it. If Dick Cheney had done something like that, we would still be hearing screams from the lefties.

* * *

Click here for hot chicks!


* * *

So I'm sitting here thinking about the fact that spring is coming and the garage is still a chaotic mess. I still want to do something about the immobile Fiero sitting in there--get it mobile or sell it or something--and I want to make the MGB drivable and street-legal and good to go.

I want to make sense out of the mess, I want to get things organized, I want to get the junk out of there.

And I'd bet that, come October, I will still be wanting to get that done "before winter". *sigh*

* * *

Obama thinks the Dow-Jones is a "tracking poll".

(That was the "closing joke" for today.)

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