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#1489: I thought I had seen this...

Pixy Misa has a post in which he asks readers to guess what he was watching. Here's my reply to his post, verbatim:
...when I first read this I thought I had seen it, and then chalked that up to having been into anime since 1994--it's inevitable that you see some weird stuff. But I had forgotten about this series.

I was getting Tenshi ni Narumon fansubs on videotape from Sachi's Fansubs (since out of the fansub game) back around the turn of the century. It ended up being licensed before Sachi finished the series.

When I did see the end, I was disappointed with it. But the series is weird and fun.
I felt as if I could remember, sort of, the scene Pixy described, but not quite. It was vaguely familiar, but with the exception of the durian headgear everything in that scene has happened in other anime series; I was certain I was remembering an amalgam of things and not an actual series that I had seen.

Sachi habitually referred to the series as Tennimon--abbreviating it the way that "Pocket Monsters" became Pokemon--and so I got into the habit as well--and for a while I was abbreviating everything to "XXXXmon" just for the sake of humor. Tenchi Muyo! became Tenchimon, Ranma 1/2 became Ranmamon, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne--another Sachi fansub series--became Kaitoumon, and so on.

As for Tennimon, Dispel and Silky made for a really interesting pair of villains and the animation style was different. (Good-different, I mean.) The overall quality of the animation was good. I genuinely liked the series, except for the end, which didn't make much sense.

* * *

And while I'm talking about anime I'm going to talk about the playlist.

During my abortive trip to Maine I finished Aishiteruze Baby, ToLoveRu, and Itazura na Kiss, all of which had languished since November 30 of last year. It's hard to see where InK can continue the story, so I don't expect to see more of it--nor does there need to be more.

AB could continue, but I don't see the point to that, either--I mean, either Yuzu's mom comes back to get her, or she doesn't, and either way it would just be "more of the same".

ToLoveRu, though, could continue. Nothing has really been resolved, although Lala's father has accepte Rito as "the best in the universe", and there are plenty of stories that could be told in that world. No idea, though, if it will.

All three were good series.

Yesterday I started watching four new series, two eps each:

Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka
Hidamari Sketch x365
Kyou no Go no Ni

The first ep of Akane-iro kind of left me cold--I wasn't really impressed with it. The second ep was better.

Hidamari suffers from the same ART!!!-ed-up-ness that the original series contained. Too many art gimmicks. In the first series it felt like the producers were substituting style for substance, to the point that the gimmickry got in the way of my enjoyment of the series. Instead of just presenting a nice slice-of-life series about four charming girls living in a small apartment complex the show became a showcase of "this is what our new animation software can do!" It's distracting and annoying. We'll see about "x365".

Kannagi is good, so far. It starts strong and the animation is really well-done. There are some scenes which are over-animated, just hitting the edge of the "too much" zone, but the characters are nicely done.

Kyou no Go no Ni (5n2) is fun. Another slice-of-life series about normal fifth graders. (After Kodomo no Jikan that's a welcome thing.)

I still have a backlog. I don't even remember what-all I've got that I haven't watched; my next job will be to go through the hard drive and dump the stuff I've seen into a seperate folder, then categorize what's left--that'll give me a better idea about what I've still got to watch.

* * *

Now on to serious stuff:

Why doesn't the news cover the GOP 'nazi' story? Answer: because the press agrees with the assessment, that's why.

If someone had said that the Democrat convention looked like "Nazi Germany" the howls of outrage from the press would have been audible on Pluto. But since--to the mainstream media in the US--"Republican"="Nazi", it doesn't spark any particular notice. Liberals think that equivalence is a fact of nature, and so it's not newsworthy when one of the anointed actually says it.

* * *

Further proof--as if we need it--that television network executives are all morons. American Idol is a profoundly successful show, to my chagrin, and it has the added benefit of being much cheaper to produce than a typical drama series. That's the beauty of so-called "reality" shows, especially successful ones: they're cheap to make and they bring in lots of money.

...I wonder why no one ever complains about the "obscene profits" being made by Hollywood?

* * *

So, the Obama administration is apparently not interested in foreign policy.

Surprise coefficient: 0.0000000...0

The Clinton administration had no interest in foreign policy, until his impeachment--then there he was with a big "mission accomplished!" after ordering the military to bomb an ibuprofen factory in the Sudan. Clinton's lack of interest in foreign policy was why Osama bin Laden was still around to make trouble for us during the Bush administration.

But, you know, poor MC Sleepy is "tired" and "overwhelmed". It's not that he's incompetent or unqualified, just that the job is so hard.

...when he's got a press corp that's fawning over him and bending over backward to portray him in a good light and a majority in both houses of Congress. Yeah. He's working out two hours per day and having lavish parties to the small hours a few times a week, but it's because Bushitler left such a mess behind that Boss Tweek can't concentrate.


Real reason: it's amateur hour. That whole "no experience" thing is coming to bite him in the ass and--by extension--the rest of us.

* * *

North Korea is threatening us with war if we do anything to their missile test.

The US response to the test would be the same, regardless: watch it carefully but otherwise do nothing. NK knows we've got a weak President, so they can saber-rattle in safety and puff themselves up to look good in front of their totalitarianist buddies at the UN.

* * *

Poland wants the US missile defense system. Poland loves us. Poland loves us because Poland doesn't want to be under the USSR, or anything like it, ever again. That's why Poland was so eager to join NATO.

When Russia makes noises about not liking our missile defense system, its presence in Poland is front-and-center what they don't like about it.

We could have a very strong ally in Poland, if Obama doesn't screw it up. Unfortunately, an administration that doesn't give a rat's ass about foreign policy will screw it up, by default.

* * *

Behold the power of the state! Parents don't want their kids indoctrinated with "homosexual education" so they keep their kids home during LGBT week. School system responds with the notion of having the parents prosecuted for failing to ensure their children went to school.

These are, it must be mentioned, elementary school students.

This tells it all:
...[P]arents were invited to meet with teachers and governors several weeks ago to discuss what work would be taking place throughout the national LGBT History Month, and how this work would be delivered.
Do you notice what is missing from that statement?

Anything about what parents could do to shield their children from this stuff.

The invitation was for parents to be told, "this is what we're teaching your children, and this is how we're going to teach it." The invitation was not for parents to protest or object or to explore alternative schooling for their children should they not want their kids exposed to LGBT education at such a tender age.

The issue of education in the US centers on one point: who decides what children are taught? The federal government and the teachers' union think that the average parent is too stupid to know what's best for his own children, and they will use the force of law to make you let them bring up your children their way.

To the school in question, these parents taking their kids out of school for that week represents an "unauthorized" absence--or, at least, they would like it to.

This is why they oppose school choice: because if we had school choice, none of these indoctrination units would continue.

* * *

Republican in name only Arlen Specter thinks about leaving GOP. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, sir. You're a liberal; you might as well belong to the liberal party.

* * *

Charles Rangel is a tax-and-spend Democrat but the tax laws don't apply to him because he's a congressman.

And when called on it, his answer is, "Why don’t you mind your goddamned business?"

Congressman, it is our business. The American people pay your salary and you are violating the tax laws you write for the rest of us. That's not how it works in America; you have to obey the law too.

Or, at least, that is how it used to work.

* * *

And another LOL:


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