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#1491: A real engineer (retired) said this.

"Anything that can't be repaired with duct tape can be repaired with cable ties. And if it can't be repaired with cable ties either, then it isn't worth fixing and you probably shouldn't have bought it in the first place."

Steven Den Beste.

This is why he's #1 on my blogroll.

* * *

I have a sinking feeling. That feeling tells me that "Amateur Hour at the White House" is going to become a regular feature here at the Fungus.

Obama wants to reach out to the Taliban "moderates". As Michelle Malkin so ably points out, there are no Taliban moderates.

Isn't that kind of like saying that you want to be nice to "pedophile moderates"--you know, the ones who molest children but then don't kill their victims--or something?

There aren't any "moderates" in the Taliban. Or if they are, they're the ones who think that four planes on 9/11 was excessive, that two were enough. You cannot reason with these people and the only way the terrorism will stop will be if either they go, or we go. Period.

Okay? This comes from Saudi Arabia which is one of the moderate muslim nations, and they're planning to whip a 75-year-old woman for the crime of socializing with a man she's not married or related to. This is what "moderate" islamic law looks like.

* * *

Most Democrats wanted Bush to fail. Back then that was "patriotism", to want the President to fail. Now that Democrats have their guy in there, it's no longer patriotic.


* * *

Hoosierboy at Big Dick's Place aptly sums up my opinions of the MC Sleepy administration's announcement that it would make decisions based on "fact, not ideology".

...I guess federally funding foreign abortions is supported by facts, not ideology?

* * *

Loitering used to be a crime. No longer, which is why this particular Home Depot is having the problem it's having.

Of course, illegally entering the United States used to be a crime, too, but since they don't prosecute and don't deport illegals any longer, it's really not one now.

* * *

Gunbunnysmit hit 52nd level last night, and I'm getting ever-closer to decision time: will I, or will I not, buy Wrath of the Lich King when I hit lvl 55 and make a Death Knight?

Or will I play through at least lvl 60 before I do that?

Death Knights are pretty awesome creatures, at least from the outside. They start at lvl 55 and any time I've seen one in action it has been walking all over every monster in its path. Of course, I haven't seen DKs in action in territory where they're fighting things of their own level, because that would require having a 55th level character, which I don't. Yet.

Anyway, so I managed to survive a trip through the Burning Steppes, which I--up until now--had only seen from the air, while flying from Ironforge to Stormwind. I'm looking forward to actually doing some quests there.

* * *

Another LOL, because I can't help myself:

I'm starting to run out of these. I'll have to make more.

(None of these were actually posted on the LOL site. Those guys are all liberals and my anti-liberal lols would never make it.)

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