atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1493: Damn it, I forgot to check Boortz again.

And of course there are two pieces which merit attention here.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution is endeavoring to become "more fair". What have they done?

Planned to add a--"a", singular, one--conservative columnist.

Yeah, that'll fix everything. To liberals, "balance" is what happens when you have one conservative in a room full of liberals.

* * *

"Dingy" Harry Reid is upset that Republicans are saying "'no' to everything".

Oh, would that be similar to the way Democrats said "no" to many of President Bush's judicial appointments? Would that be similar to the way Democrats did their damndest to see to it that President Bush's policies failed?

If you have the votes, Mr. Reid, then stop complaining about the Republicans. What you want is for the Democrat party to be able to hide behind "bipartisanship" when your idiotic policies fail: "Well, both parties supported this failed measure, so it's not our fault...."

(And, by the way, to Democrats, "bipartisanship" is what happens when Republicans agree with them.)

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