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#1494: This person is actually serious

Blames vast right-wing conspiracy for tanking a story about a dirty bomb.

The bomb in question wasn't actually dangerous as the radioactive material was uranium and thorium--two materials which are present in abundance in topsoil.

The article mentions the would-be terrorist having "bomb-grade" hydrogen peroxide. WTF is that? I've never heard of "bomb-grade" hydrogen peroxide. I've heard of the stuff coming in various concentrations, and the higher concentrations are useful as a monopropellant for a rocket motor--but "bomb-grade"? No.

The article alleges that "only a few had incentives" to publicize the story, though it doesn't explain in a satisfactory fashion why that's so. The would-be bomber was a Nazi nutcase, not a "conservative", and the writer's attempt to conflate conservatism and Nazism peg him as a far-left liberal. (Not the least because Nazism is, at its core, a leftist philosophy: "National socialism".)

It's fun to see such off-the-cliff nutters in action.

* * *

Ann Coulter is brilliant today, as always.

* * *

This result was as predictable as the tides: after being criticized by top Democrats, Limbaugh is laughing all the way to the bank. Anyone with a room-temperature IQ (that is, above Biden's) could have predicted this.

With his criticism of Limbaugh, Obama essentially elevated the man to his level. Did you notice how George W. Bush didn't lambaste his detractors?

Amateur hour at the White House continues! Today the Wall Street Journal has a piece with the headline, "Obama, Geithner Get Low Grades From Economists".

Not to beat a dead horse, but Democrats wanted Bush to fail, asserts Larry Elder. It's really neat how Democrats assert that they never actually wanted Bush to fail, but that they meant that they hoped he wouldn't fail but didn't see how he couldn't.

Oh, I get it. So by that logic, me saying "I want Obama to fail" means that I really hope he doesn't fail but I can't see how he won't. Right?

Oddly enough, that position was one I actually held prior to the opening weeks of this administration: I wanted what was best for the United States, and I hoped that Obama would be true to his word and do things differently than past Democrats. Unfortunately, Obama proved to be exactly what he appeared to be: a stuffed shirt, all talk, and a classic tax-and-spend liberal Democrat with socialist aspirations.

If liberals saying "we want Bush to fail" was not disloyal I fail to see how conservatives saying "we want Obama to fail" is disloyal. Longtime readers of the Fungus will know that I never said that liberals rooting for Bush's failure should be jailed or considered treasonous. (Stupid, yes. Treasonous? No. Everyone's got a right to their opinion, no matter how moronic it may be.) But now liberals are showing their true colors: it's only okay to disagree when you disagree with conservatives.

Hitler would understand that logic. So would Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Lenin, and Stalin.

James Carville, who is involved with the Obama administration's anti-Limbaugh unit, said that he wanted George W. Bush to fail on the morning of 9/11/01. Where was the outrage then? (Oh, wait. Carville is a has-been, and was even then. Never mind.)

* * *

The inimitable Mr. Newt (Gingrich) explains why the "Card Check" legislation is bad for us all. I miss Mr. Newt. I wish he was in charge again.

* * *

I'm not due for another rant on the anti-scientific stupidity of "dark matter" for at least another six months, but I have to comment on this.

I wonder if the scientists involved in this study bothered to, oh, I don't know, use general relativity instead of classic mechanics to do their study? 'Cause it's been demonstrated that using general relativity instead of classic mechanics eliminates the need for "dark matter" to hold galaxies together....

* * *

Moron in San Francisco leaves his door unlocked at all hours of the night. And then he posts on Twitter about it, asking what to do.

Here's what you should do: get rid of all your worldly possessions and commit yourself to an assisted-living facility, because you are clearly too stupid to take care of yourself.

* * *

I had better be careful, I guess. You see, since I am a stockboy, I almost always have a box cutter with me. It's too much effort for me to dig the thing out of my fanny pack every day, and if I don't leave it in there I'd probably forget it at home anyway. The only time I fail to have the thing with me is when I travel, because you can't take box cutters on airplanes.

A box cutter is pretty useless as a weapon. Yes, you could conceivably give someone a really nasty cut with one, but if you're trying to subdue someone with one that person would have to be, pretty much, unwilling to fight you anyway. A box cutter only becomes a life-threatening weapon if you have the person in a headlock with the thing at the person's jugular.

This is how 9/11 happened. It was the law in the US that passengers were absolutely forbidden to do anything to thwart hijackers, so the terrorists could grab people and hold box cutters to their throats and make threats. Since no one had--before then--seized airliners and then deliberately crashed them into things, that policy made some kind of sense and it enabled the terrorists to use box cutters to accomplish their deeds.

Because of 9/11, though, now box cutters are apparently considered weapons of mass destruction. I guess I'd better be careful.

The piece I linked to mentions police in the UK looking for pictures of people with knives posted on-line; what it does not mention is that--in the UK--"dangerous knives" are banned the same way they banned guns, and for the same reason: too many murders were being committed with them.

The ban on personal blades (such as pocket knives) stems from the same totalitarian impulse that wants to ban personal firearms. It purports to be about "safety" but in fact it ends up making people less safe while increasing government control over the populace.

* * *

I love the headline of this article: "Dealing with Obama regime ‘unbelievably hard’ says mandarin". "Obama regime". LOL.

Maybe I should have filed this under the "amateur hour" part of today's post.

* * *

Obama's press honeymoon is fading, and Democrats are worried:
Some Democrats have started to worry that voters don’t and won’t understand the link between economic revival and Obama’s huge agenda, which includes saving the banking industry, ending home foreclosures, reforming healthcare and developing a national energy policy, among much else.
In fact I think Democrats are worried that voters are beginning to understand all too well the link between "economic revival" and "Obama's huge agenda": the inverse link, as in "if he gets to do all that, we're screwed."

As an aside, let me comment on this: "'I fear that in trying to do everything at once, they will do nothing well,' wrote conservative columnist David Brooks,..." Allow me to correct your misapprehension: David Brooks is not a conservative. David Brooks is a neoliberal: he's a liberal who used to be a conservative until he discovered how much more lucrative it is to write books bashing, rather than supporting, conservativea and their ideas. He has not been a conservative since the Clinton years, guys.

* * *

I am intimately familiar with this "double-whammy". The guy whose case is discussed in this article made some better choices than I did, career-wise, but ended up in approximately the same boat regardless. (Looking back on it, I really should have moved to Kansas City in 2001 and taken a job writing manuals for Garmin. But you make the best choices you can with the information you have at the time, and hindsight is the province of regret.)

* * *

Michelle Malkin:

Threat of Card Check legislation sends Wal-Mart stocks tumbling. Surprise? The surest way to kill Wal-Mart is to force it to unionize. Democrats don't like Wal-Mart for many reasons--one of them being that most people can actually afford to shop there--and so they're doing their damndest to hurt the corporation.

She also discusses How to be a "New York Times conservative", whatever the hell that is. Apparently it's some kind of liberal that isn't as staunchly liberal as the average reporter? I don't get the distinction. Maybe it's that the guy is sort-of pro-life?

"Americans didn't vote for a rush to failure." Wow, that is such biting wit! I had no idea that the Democrats were capable of such incredibly incisive commentary!

...FAIL. And I laugh at them.

* * *

Another entry for "amateur hour at the White House". More about MC Sleepy's foreign relations gaffe vis-a-vis the United Kingdom, with some real teeth:
It's the press conference
March 7, 2009 - 13:29 ET by slickwillie2001

The gift deal is simple boorishness on the part of our so-called
President. The more interesting aspect is the refusal to hold the
traditional side-by-side press conference, matching lecterns, flags of
both countries, etc. I see two reasons.

First, The Maximum Doofus does not want to share a stage with anyone
where it appears they are equals. After all, he is 'The One'.

Second, these type of press conferences tend to be much less
choreographed than Obammy's skills can tolerate. Imagine British
journalists being told who could ask a question and what they could
ask? They would simply revolt, unlike American sheep-media. Obammy
didn't want the traditional style of press conference because he
didn't want difficult questions. He has made it this far without any
difficult questions, why start now?
Do go and read the whole thing; it's interesting and worthwhile.


* * *

Tne guy sitting in for Limbaugh today--his name went in one ear and out the other--just referred to Obama as "Mussolini". Lol.

* * *

Jason Lewis, I guess, is the guy in question. From Minneapolis.

* * *


I digitized the op to Kannagi last night; I really like it, and I liked it from the get-go.

My new desktop image is Tsukasa, from Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, wearing a yukata. She's the hottest of the group. (Minato is a close second. But given a choice I'd rather have Tsukasa.)

The GF came over yesterday afternoon. We put in Firefly and watched two eps of that, finishing the first DVD.

...actually I watched two eps. She crawled into my bed halfway through the first ep and fell asleep during the first act of the second one. *sigh* Then I went on to watch two more eps each of the current anime playlist while she slept. So I basically watched videos for about four hours.

Could be worse.

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