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#1497: These people are LAWYERS

...but they don't know what "contract" means?

This manufactured AIG bonuses nonsense is what I'm talking about. I agree with Neal Boortz (and here and here).

Actually, Rush Limbaugh was saying much the same thing yesterday, too. The people who got the bonuses got them because AIG had promised them, in writing, that they would get those bonuses.

And as Boortz points out, if AIG had decided not to pay the employees those bonuses, they could sue for 2x the amount, and the Democrats would then be screaming about how the AIG executives were getting 2x what they're getting now.

Boortz's quotation of the Constitution is particularly apt, too. The various congresscritters threatening to tax away the bonuses are threatening to violate Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution in its entirety.

"No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed," says the Constitution. The law that would enable Congress to tax away the bonuses earned by the AIG executives would violate both. First, it would be a law designed to punish a specific group of people; second, it would be passed after the contracts had been signed and discharged.

The prohibition of "ex post facto" laws is important; it keeps government from making things illegal after they have occurred. And the prohibition against Bills of Attainder--do you want Congress to have the power to punish you without a trial? Just vote on it, and you're in jail (or worse) if a simple majority agrees?

The congressional threat also violates Article 9, Section 10 of the Constitution, specifically the phrase regarding passing a "...Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts...."

Whatever your opinion of exeutive compensation may be, the simple fact is that Congress is consitutionally disallowed from doing any of the things they are threatening to do.

* * *

There was another link from Boortz I decided not to use. I'll just say: people are surprised that American Idol is rigged? This is a shock to some people?

* * *

What a surprise: rich liberal doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone else. Bob Dylan doesn't have to smell his stinky port-a-potty, hence it's not his problem when others do. (If he was the one having to smell the stench, hoo boy.)

* * *

Hybrid sales hardest hit by economic slowdown. What do you expect? Charge people a premium for an econobox and that'll be the first thing on the chopping block. New car sales are in the toilet anyway--past the toilet, into the septic tank--and no one is going to pay $20,000 for five or six extra MPG, not when you can pay $14,000-$16,000 and get 80% of the fuel economy of a hybrid.

Or, you know, go extra cheap and buy something like a Chevy Aveo.

Conversely, the people whose car-buying choices are uneffected by the recession aren't going to be looking for econoboxes.

Gas prices hovering near half of last year's high price certainly don't help hybrid sales. (I maintain that the hybrid is a stupid idea, that most drivers will never amortize the extra cost in fuel savings. But perception drives this nonsense, not economic reality.)

* * *

More socialized medicine horror stories.

This is what happens when you let government control your medical care. You know, it's all well and good that the Prime Minister apologized, but that doesn't fix the fact that Britain's National Health Service is a complete failure.

* * *

This kind of post is why I read Derek Lowe. I like reading his posts on chemical compounds he won't work with. That's where I learned about chlorine trifloride (money quote: "The concrete was on fire!").

* * *

...I have nothing else. Sorry.

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