atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1501: It's official: Obama's gift is useless.

Gordo n Brown can't watch the DVDs Obama gave him. Wrong region code--and by extension, video format, because Region 1 DVDs are encoded in NTSC.

It is true that Mr. Brown can obtain, for a nominal sum, a DVD player which will play the videos and output the video signal in PAL format--but for crying out loud, what kind of gift makes you spend money in order to enjoy it?

It's amateur hour. For the next four years. At least.

How would it be reported if Bush had done this?

* * *

Charles Krauthammer on the manufactured AIG bonus fiasco. He says pretty much what I said, but better than I have, which is why he gets paid for his opinions and I don't.

* * *

Obama's addiction to the TelePrompTer helps him hide his true self.

If this is so, what can we possibly do about it? Nothing--not a damn thing, unless he commits some kind of "high crime or misdemeanor" after the Republicans retake Congress. (If they do.) Because, let's face it, Obama could do something spectacularly illegal and this Congress would do its damndest to protect him.

Obama's tendency to pepper his ad hoc speech with "um, ahh, er, uh" may well be because he is carefully choosing his words so as to continue to hide his leftism. I wouldn't be surprised.

* * *

As for me, having had a few hours of sleep and some food, I'm thinking I may go shred some bad guys in Azeroth....

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