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#1505: Soros making billions on economic crisis.

The billionaire socialist is $1.1 billion richer thanks to it.

$1.1 billion is, by the way, 6.67 times the total of the AIG bonuses. Democrats, where is your wealth envy now?

* * *

Here are two articles about a man who survived two atomic bombings. He is, of course, Japanese.

I'm going to say it again, just so we're all crystal clear on this: even though I like the Japanese, I'm damned glad we used those bombs. I might not be here if we hadn't. It ended a war which had--for the United States--begun with a Japanese attack.

"Why did they have to drop a second bomb?" I'll tell you why: it was total war and the Japanese showed no signs of giving in. The best way to force the Japanese to surrender was to show them: we've hit you very hard, and we can keep doing it as long as we need to. One bomb may have been enough, but it's more likely that the Japanese leadership would have said, "there's no way they can do that a second time!"

As for the "morality" of using a strategic weapon on a strategic target, resulting in mass casualties: whatever morality can be found in war is not going to be visible from the cockpit of a high-level bomber.

Most importantly, it's almost entirely due to hindsight that anyone can say that two bombs were unnecessary. Truman was a Japan-o-phile, and took Kyoto off the target list because he had been there, had seen it, and had wanted to spare the historic and cultural capital of Japan--and yet he ordered the bombings, both of them, in order to win the war. (Say what you will about Truman's domestic policies, including his inability to recognize that Alger Hiss was a communist spy; at least his wartime actions were correct.)

Certainly, in 2009, we can look back and say, "Well, we probably didn't need to nuke Nagasaki," but in 1945 the only obvious thing was that Japan would not give up without some kind of spectacular demonstration of their defeat.

* * *

California makes another idiotic attempt to prevent global warming.

...yeah, that's right: force people to buy light-colored cars. That will stop global warming. If you really want to prevent carbon emissions why don't you just make air conditioning illegal? That will also go a long way towards fixing California's problem with energy supply. Call it "conservation" or something.


* * *

Ann Coulter discusses the voting habits of Wall Street. Hint: Wall Street is in New York City.

* * *

This bends my brain.

...assuming the link doesn't break. It's a neat thing, a line of dots which move in a circle. The outermost dot moves the slowest, and as you move inward the dots move faster and faster, so what starts as a line turns into a spiral.

(Actually, I expect that all the dots move at the same linear speed, which translates into a higher angular speed as radius decreases. But now I'm being pedantic.)

The clever thing is that, as each dot crosses the horizontal line, it makes a sound which has a pitch inversely proportional to the dot's distance from the origin. The result is a weird chiming sound, but one that's oddly melodic, and it's mesmerizing.

I ended up digitizing the sound and sticking it on my MP3 player.

It would be interesting to play around with that program, to change the musical scale used, the number of dots, and so on.

* * *

Last night I dusted off Torgilgrimm, my first WoW character, and bumped him two levels.

The first level came about because I hooked up with a couple of guild members who were running Dead Mines. I got a level from that. I slammed a few quests and did some grinding to get most of the way to 18th level, hit Dead Mines, then slammed a couple more quests and did more grinding. End result: 19th level.

I'm about 1/4 of the way to 20th with that character, and I suppose I'm going to have to see about getting him at least to 30th, so he can get a mount. I just don't know.

* * *

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