atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1508: Hooray for us! We kill babies!

We're great! We're awesome! Abortion pride! Yahoo!

..."Abortion Pride Movement"?

One imagines women parading through the streets with signs that say "I had my baby killed and I'm GLAD!"

WTF. Only in academia could an "ethicist" be so far out of touch with anything resembling morals or ethics.

* * *

Or the islamic world, apparently. It seems that half of the murders committed in Turkey in the past year were islamic "honor" killings.

Maybe it's time for a "muslim pride" movement, too: "hooray for us! We kill women who disobey us! We're awesome!"

I'm sure that guy in the first link wouldn't have a problem with that.

* * *

The "global new deal" nonsense is being snubbed by, of all places, Germany.

It would really be nice if the people in charge could, y'know, look at how well Keynesian economics has actually worked and realize that his theories basically don't.


* * *

So it's March 29, more than a week after the spring equinox, and it's snowing here. We're not supposed to get much more than an inch or two, but I'm told that other parts of the area are to get in the neighborhood of half a foot.

* * *

On the WoW front, Torgilgrimm has hit 23rd level, and I think I'm finally getting the hang of playing this priest character--at least, he's not dying as much as he did.

...or, rather, he is, but for different reasons. I keep teaming up with another character of about the same level, who's a hunter, and when he starts to get hit he runs around--and ends up pulling every damn monster in the area down on us. I'm not sure what he's trying to do by running around, but I do know that his habit is making it hard for us to stay alive.

The sensible thing to do is for him to stay where he is while I stand back and heal him--but he doesn't do that, and when he starts running around sometimes he ends up out of the heal spell's range. Worse, some monsters then break off attacking him and start attacking me; then I have to stop healing him and deal with the thing beating on me.

And of course, after a few seconds of this, both characters are dead.

When we grouped with a tank, it worked better. The tank drew all the aggro; the hunter stood back and pegged shots while his bear tanked, and I hung back farther and healed people as needed.

...and so we hit some red quests in Redridge and I got lots of XP for my trouble. 23rd level--that's six levels in the few days since I decided to dust off ol 'Grimmy.

I might just be getting the hang of this thing.

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