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#1510: Why didn't we hear about this?

Apparently--I heard this from my sister in Louisiana, so I don't have a link--apparently when Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, was in Indonesia, some people made an effigy of her and threw their shoes at it.

...but of course that's not as newsworthy as someone throwing his shoes at the President.

When America became the Obama Nation, everyone around the world was going to love us. The Democrats promised. We were told that the world now hated us because of George W. Bush, and that the only way to rectify that was to elect Barak Hussein Obama.

Well, he's President now, and it looks like plenty of folks still don't like us. Or maybe the world didn't like us for reasons other than the actions of George W. Bush? Y'think? Maybe?

* * *

WTF, Nissan! Apparently if you own their GT-R and take it for its 18,000 mile service, it'll cost you two grand.

Why? Because the freaking transmission fluid is $115 per quart.


This is the same transmission which is too weak to handle all the torque the engine can put out, and which will grenade if you use "launch control". I'm not sure WTF that does, except that it allows you to get all the performance out of the car, and in the bargain using it voids the warranty. (Price to replace the transmission: twenty thousand dollars.)

Failing to take the thing in for service will also, I assume, void the warranty.

I don't know WTF Nissan is smoking with all this nonsense. I don't see the point to spending all that money to get a supercar you can't drive like a supercar and--on top of that!--having to pay supercar-like maintenance fees.


* * *

I had a dream yesterday with a whole bunch of weirdness in it, like a new cell phone which was too complicated for me to operate: when I turned it on all kinds of applets began running and I couldn't figure out how to shut them off and get to a screen where I could enter a phone number and call someone.

A water blimp exploded, making that point moot, anyway.

(It was a blimp and it was full of water. It burst. I got wet.)

...and somewhere around there I saw a couple of ordinaries laying on the ground, and thought, "Hey, there's a couple of...what were they called?" And I thought about it and thought about it, and the word "complex" kept coming to mind, but I knew that wasn't it. Finally I thought, "Hey, it's a simple!" But that didn't sound right, either.

After I woke up, that bothered me for more than an hour; I was about halfway to work when I realized that I had been thinking of the ordinary.

* * *

I have no idea how the hell one would ride one of those things. How the hell do you even get it going?

* * *

Starting April 1, the federal tax on cigarettes rises by $1 per pack. That's right; buy a carton of smokes and you pay an extra $10 just because Uncle Sam says so.

I'm glad I don't smoke.

* * *

I bought me an Air Hog hovercraft. They're on sale half price at Target right now. I was going to buy one last week; I'm glad I didn't get around to it.

It's about 4 inches long, maybe a bit less, and it charges from the controller like a lot of small remote control toys these days. I put it on the charger and had a shower; when I got out, it was charged up and ready to go. (C'mon, first time out of the box, it takes longer.)

Anyway, so I ran it around the kitchen trying to get it to go in a straight line, and no matter how much I adjusted the trim tab it wouldn't go straight. But after a few minutes' fiddling I was able to make it go in a straight-ish line, by juggling the controller, and I expect that a bit more fiddling and tweaking will fix the problem.

Anyway, Luna was right there, eyes wide, watching it. I managed to make the thing chase her a couple times; she wanted no part of that, but she couldn't stop watching it.

Pretty fun little toy.

I've wanted an R/C hovercraft for quite some time. Around 1990 Tyco came out with one, but I never got around to buying it, becuase it ran about $50-$70 or so. It was a real hovercraft and could even be used over water, as long as the surface was still.

This Air Hogs one can't be used over water (not the least because the charging contacts are on the bottom of the thing) but WTF, it cost me $15, which--in 2009 dollars--is a lot less than $15 in 1990 dollars.

* * *

Torgilgrimm is now 26th level. I don't remember when I dusted him off and started playing him again, but it wasn't even a week ago--and I've added 9 levels since then. (He was 17th when I picked him up again.) And now, finally, it's getting to the point that I can actually fight more than one monster at a time and live; and if fight them one at a time I don't need to stop and recharge both mana and hit points before fighting another monster.

I've finished all the quests in Westfall and have moved my base of operations to Duskwood; a few of the quests there are what put me over the top for 26th level. Four more levels and Grimmy can get himself a mount!

In retrospect I really should have given him my favorite dwarf name, "Thorgrimm", but I had heard that there were problems upgrading from a trial WoW account to a paid one, and didn't want to "lose" that name. Now it'll cost me $10 to change his name if I decide I can't live without it, but I think I'll just call him "Thorgrimm" and leave it at that.


* * *

The bed, partner of sleep, cries out for the blogger's soul. I think I shall heed its siren song.

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