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#1511: Porous border

You know, by insisting that America is the source for all the guns used in the violence in Mexico, people are as much as admitting that we need to control our border a hell of a lot better than we are....

* * *

"Abolish money!" These retards will find it awfully difficult to maintain a modern, industrialized civilization with a barter economy.

"Protesters had branded the day 'Financial Fool's Day'...." but little did those selfsame protestors realize that they are referring to themselves.

A protestor is quoted in the article as saying, "I have had to sign on to the dole (welfare) for the first time in my life. You end up having to pay your mortgage on your credit card and you fall into debt twice over." Said protestor works in information technology. Yeah, good luck trying to maintain that industry on the barter system: "Hi, Nathan! Payday. Here's your box of product." "I can't do anything with this. I've already got ten cases of memory sticks at home!" "Well, sorry, mate, that's what they're giving you for your labor this quarter."

Yeah. A lot of people who protest at these things are people who have no marketable skills. In a barter economy, they would starve.

...maybe there is, after all, something to this idea....

* * *

Another article about the Democrats' incisive political commentary: "America didn't vote for a Rush to failure." Ooo, burn.

Er, not.

I wouldn't even comment about something stupid like this except that it is so stupid it's funny. The billboard is full of LAME and FAIL, and this is the level best the Democrats can come up with?

* * *

This is why liberals hate O'Reilly: his show is popular and it doesn't promote the Democrat party line.

Basically the same reason they hate Limbaugh, actually.

* * *

Obama's taking twelve teleprompters with him to the G20 conference.

* * *

Obama's stealth tax increase. The scheduled reduction of the estate tax to 0%, next year, has been rescinded by the recent spending spree legislation.

* * *

Eco-stupidity forces people to smuggle dishwashing detergent.

...more proof that I'm living in an SF novel. This is just the kind of headline a good SF writer will use to show how crazy the future is.


* * *

So I figured out that Torgilgrimm has advanced 10 levels in 6 days. (I can haz mathematics skillz.) I really don't know how the hell I managed that, considering that prior to this he was getting splattered all over the landscape by monsters 3 levels weaker than he.

"Inner fire" keeps the bad guys from hurting him as much and bumps his armor by 495. "Power word: fortitude" bumps his Stamina by 20, giving him 200 extra hit points. "Heavenly fire" adds a third attack mode (to supplement "Smite" and that one shadow spell that makes a purple flame appear over the target's head). I finally figured out how to use wands, so I've got a magic wand handy for almost-always-hits attacks that do decent damage; and a spell whose name I've forgotten that heals all friendlies within a certain radius for some small amount, and damages all hostiles within the same radius for some other small amount.

This lineup allows me to stay alive, more or less--at least, I'm not dying as often, which is a good thing. If I am lucky I can take on two monsters of about my level back-to-back without having to rest and heal first. In emergencies I can take two monsters together, though I end up with tiny little HP and mana bars at the end.

I'm guessing that the priest character class turns into a super-bad-ass later on, because something has to justify their general squishiness at low levels.

* * *

Correlation does not imply causality. How many times do we have to tell you anthropogenic global warming morons? If the graph accompanying this article is to be believed--and it is, in fact, meant to be an illustration of a false correlation--importing Mexican lemons has done more to lower the US highway fatality rate than all the federally-mandated safety equipment in the universe.

* * *

Democrats are revealing their true colors by using parliamentary tricks to get their legislation passed.

The Democrats don't care if we don't like it and they don't care if their plans will screw us. What they care about is power--and seizing control of the medical system and energy production is a great way to make sure people will keep voting for them. "If you vote for the Republicans, you'll lose your health care! You'll freeze in the dark!"

Whereas the exact opposite will be true.

* * *

So Mom's been getting estimates for a new central air conditioner, but has given me permission to install my room air conditioner (when it warms up) and use it whenever I think it's too warm. That'll be good, because that way we won't have to cool the entire house when it's just my room that's too hot and it's a work night and I can't sleep because I'm roasting.

My room has always been cold in winter and hot in summer; this is probably due to the geometry of the ductwork. The master bedroom is just as far from the furnace as my room is, yet it has always been comfortable. To make things more confouding, my room is on the north side of the house--that should mean "cooler" at least in summer, but it never worked out that way.

If we get a new furnace with the AC, I'm hoping the blower will have enough horsepower to move air into my room.

All of this comes to mind now because--for the past several weeks--it has been stifling in here. It's in the 50s outside, the rest of the house is comfortable, but it's hot in here, so hot that I have to open a freaking window. Even today, with a stiff westerly wind, it's summertime hot.

I have no idea why.

If anything, it ought to be cold: we've turned down the thermostat a few degrees to keep the furnace from running as much during the day. But no, I'm sitting here in a t-shirt and shorts, with no socks on, and I am sweating. (Or close to it, anyway.)


* * *

There is no practical joke in today's post. April Fools! I have pranked you inversely by not pranking you! Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha!

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