atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1512: This is not funny.

fail owned pwned pictures

It is sad.

This is a girl who wants to get pregnant for all the wrong reasons. She wants this particular guy to get her pregnant because he's "the richiest" and "has a car". And she says she has a job--at fourteen?

Two things need to happen to her. First, she has to be shown what happens to girls who have kids at age 14--and what happens to their babies. (Hint: relatively few of them grow up to be doctors and lawyers.) Second, her father needs to step in and beat the everloving piss out of her "boyfriend".

Of course, her father isn't present in her life. I would wager that this girl's mother is a single mother.

This girl is obviously thinking that even if she gets pregnant her man boy will stand by her. He won't; why should he? He has no obligation to her; there is nothing keeping him in her life except the fact that she's willing to have sex with him. If she gets pregnant against his wishes, bet on him saying, "I told you I didn't want a baby!" and splitting up with her. Count on it.

This is why the age of majority is 18, not 14.

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