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#1513: Lapdog press

The Anchoress opines well on this. The Obama administration's promised "openness" is not happening the way they said it would; who is surprised?

Other than, y'know, the lapdog press, which came to the Obama campaign panting and wagging its tail. And which will come back to the Obama administration wagging its tail time and again, even after being kicked.

<* * *>

Lisa, writing at Big Dick's Place, discusses Barney Frank's attempt at fascism.

Yes, real freakin' fascism, where the government controls private enterprise with an iron grip.

True, it's not the kind of fascism which was popular in Europe in the 1930s, but some of the Obama posters are evocative of Nazi Germany:

The Democrats are showing their true colors again. The idea of the Treasury department setting salaries for all employees of companies which received bailout money is totalitarian; the Treasury may be under congressional oversight (I can't remember) but that's not the same as Congress doing it--and whatever may be correct in that respect, Congress has no constitutional mandate to set salaries for any private entity.

Now, if Congress is somehow saying that a company which accepts federal money is a public (or quasi-public) entity--"public" in the sense that it is owned, at least partly, by the government--that is another debatable point.

This deal with Obama telling the CEO of GM that he had to resign--that was fascism. That was Obama, by virtue of being President, overruling the decision of the GM stockholders to employ a certain private citizen as the CEO of the company.

The President of the US does not have that kind of power accorded to him by the Constitution. GM could have told him to stuff it and made it stick.

And where is the press in all this?

Wagging its tail.

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