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#1514: Small World (...of Warcraft)

The other day, while running Torgilgrimm around trying to finish the quest titled "Legend of Stalvan", I timed a few runs. One was the distance from the bridge linking Duskwood and Westfall; the other was from the gate of Stormwind to the Eastvale Logging Camp.

Assuming that "run" is a jog of around 8 MPH--it looks about that fast--Eastvale is then about half a mile from Stormwind. Darkshire is a whopping 0.67 miles from the western edge of Duskwood. Using that as a yardstick, it then becomes apparent that the Eastern Kingdoms are only a few miles across--maybe three or four at the continent's widest point--and perhaps as much as fifteen miles long. That isn't very big for a "world".

Of course: it's a game, and it would be prohibitive, for many reasons, to make a more accurately-scaled world. First off, would you really want to spend an hour walking from one town to another? Not to mention the fact that keeping track of all the information for a realistic-sized world would choke most internet connections, I mean.

The important thing is that the world feels large, even though it actually is not. Certainly it's big enough for a lot of adventure, which is what counts. I just think it's funny that the "World of Warcraft" would fit--in its entirety!--within the borders of my rather small home town.

* * *

Stupid former neurosurgeon. Or maybe he just has so much money saved that having his Ferraris get wrecked isn't such a big deal for him.

O Lord.

* * *

Heinlein talked about this kind of thing in Starship Troopers.

This kid has obviously never had anyone lay down the law to him; now it's too late. He killed someone, and his response to being punished for his crime is outrage that someone dares to tell him he did a bad thing.

Here's hoping this guy never gets parole.

* * *

WTF, I'm willing to say it: Michelle Obama scares me. Okay? I mean look at this:

I mean, that image is right out of the playbook for every werewolf transformation scene in post-Chaney Hollywood. (Lon Chaney Jr, I mean, son of the silent-era "man of 1000 faces", who is best known for his portrayal of the Wolf Man.)

* * *

Global warming may be going away as cause celebre for rich liberals. O Lord I hope so.

* * *

Anime: last week I started watching the first episode of Minami-ke: Okaeri but didn't finish it. Other than that, I've watched nothing.

The end of Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka was annoying. Why?

Because Minato and Jin are having an incestuous relationship. Being what it is--a typical chaste anime relationship--there's nothing illegal going on, but it's still wrong, damn it.

It's hinted that Minato and Jin are not related, in fact, but it's not explicitly stated.

Meanwhile, Yuuhi--who treated Jin like crap for 95% of the series--moves back in with the incestuous siblings after saying she would abide by Jin's decision. Despite Yuuhi being a tsundere I still wanted her and Jin to end up together, because Minato is Jin's sister, for crying out loud.

And there wasn't any damned fan service in the thing at all.
END SPOILERS screw that noise. I was glad it was over.

Hidamarix365 turned out better than the first series did.

Kannagi was clearly the best of the four; the ending was dead solid perfect and the whole series was really good.

Kyou no Go no Ni worked out well, too. I enjoyed it.

Anyway, so I've got to gin up a new playlist; I know that the new Minami-ke series is on it but I'm not sure what else, yet.

* * *

Well, the grass is growing, which means I'm going to have to get the tractor out and change the oil and charge the battery, I guess.

It's April already. WTF.

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