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#1517: And they're stupid, too.

A study shows that people with lots of tattoos have low self-esteem.

* * *

Work last night: the truck was huge--apparently they have been huge all week--and those of us in the back room didn't finish freight backstock until 5 AM. Jesus. And then the backroom team was pulled to the floor to work the market area. there was, to put it mildly, some stuff left undone when we left at 6 AM.

On the plus side, big trucks := good, because it means we're selling a lot of stuff, so much that we can't keep up with the flow on six trucks per week unless every truck is packed full of stuff.

On the minus side, we can't handle the work with the recession-size crews we've got. We need more people to handle trucks this big. Problem is, the store manager is tracked on how much he spends on payroll, not on whether or not the overnight team can finish its work, and so we have smaller-than-necessary crews and he gets a nice fat bonus.


I say that with heavy cynicism, but in fact I just don't care: my job is to show up on time for all assigned shifts and do the tasks given to me. I am scheduled to work 10 PM to 6 AM; I work that schedule. I'm not in charge of anything and worrying about finishing the evening's tasks is not part of my core roles; that's above my pay grade. On a night like last night, I could have stayed until 8 AM and the work would not have been done.

I used to care about finishing everything, and I used to stay late to help out--and all the effort I expended was never even recognized by the guys in charge. It wouldn't have taken much from them to keep me doing it; in fact Target has these things called "great team cards" which let you recognize another team member for some extra effort on his part. These bozos never bothered even to write one of those for me, something that would have taken them a few moments at most--and their selection process for promotions was nepotistic, to the point that they even created a team lead position for one person who was a high school buddy of one of the managers.

WTF. after all that, I pretty much gave up trying to do anything outside of my core responsibilities, because it wasn't doing a damned thing except making me more tired than I had to be. If the bosses weren't even going to give me an otherwise worthless "attaboy" for expending all that effort, why expend it? They clearly weren't going to recognize my efforts in any other respect.

And the back room has gotten short shrift since January of 2006, anyway; we're rarely staffed to handle the workload and there is almost always stuff left undone back there. Three people for the entire stockroom is fine on a night with a small truck and low pulls, but when it's a strong business day and the truck is 2,300 cartons, three people isn't going to be enough. Four isn't going to be enough--and if you take the four people out of the back room at 5 AM to work the floor because the floor crew isn't big enough to finish their tasks, it makes things that much worse.

That being the case, I don't see why it's my responsibility to stay late. Certianly I could do it, but I really don't see the point.

* * *

Anyway, that's all for today.

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