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#1519: Gotta listen to Limbaugh's show today

Why? Because it'll be guest-hosted by Mark Steyn.

* * *

A list of the 19 most delicious drive-through foods in America. (Especially the Hardees Monster Thickburger, which is made of awesome. These fools call it the "worst cheeseburger". This classification is made of fail.) Oh, they don't bill it as that; they claim this is a list of the things which are the "worst" foods, meaning "bad for you".

It's one of those badly-designed pages where you have to click to see each freaking item. Earth to morons: that kind of list page sucks, because you have to click tiny text to get to the next link and it takes too long for the next page to load with all that stupid horseshit you've got surrounding the content.

Every time I see one of these kinds of pages I have to think about whether or not I want to invest the time required to bother looking at the stuff--am I interested enough to click through the entire list?--and most of the time I conclude I am not.

Look, three items, four, five, maybe even eight, okay; but nineteen? No. Go take a class on interface usability, Mr./Mrs./Ms./WTF. Web Designer.

* * *

I am, in fact, heartened by the fact that the Hardees Monster Burger continues to live on in some form. That was the ultimate cheeseburger, damn it--two kinds of cheese, bacon, mayo, and it was delicious. You would be hard-pressed to find a better hamburger anywhere.

Now I'm all hungry.

* * *

Barbara Simpson on President and Mrs. Gaffe-o-matic.

I have to wonder about Obama's bow to King what's-his-face. The guy is the protector of the muslim holies--it's part of his core roles--and Obama bowed to his sorry ass like he was a serf. Obama didn't bow to Queen Elizabeth, who at least has the benefit of being the figurehead of a modern nation with a civilized form of government and some nominal freedoms that are forbidden by islam.

You know, pesky little things like freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and so forth. These things are not explicitly granted to British subjects by any sort of constitutional mandate or anything, but they are de facto freedoms granted by the government of England. Saudi Arabia is a little more restrictive about such things; recall please that it was in Saudi Arabia that a 75-year-old woman faced 40 lashes for socializing with a man she wasn't married or related to.

Some bloggers--who were skeptical about Obama's religiousness--are considering this to be evidence that Obama is indeed a muslim (at least in some way) because why the hell else would he bow to that fat turkey when he didn't bow to Queen Elizabeth?

I have no idea if Obama is acually a muslim or not. I take his word for it that he's a Christian; but other than Obama and his wife God only knows what the truth of the matter is.

Regardless of Obama's faith, for the President of the United States to bow to a foreign leader--and a king no less!--is ultimately going to damage our relations with the muslim world.

* * *

Yesterday was a day.

GF came over very late and did sudoku on the bed while I reread the Strawberry Marshmallow manga. We finally hit the hay around 4 AM but she couldn't sleep--too much coffee--and I only slept fitfully because she kept getting up or talking to me.

Around 9:45 AM or so we--me, GF, and Mom--went to the annual pancake breakfast held by the Crete Fire Department. It was the first time for me to go to one in about a thousand years--well, since the 1970s, anyway, which is approximately correct--and it was very nice. The food was good. Mom and the GF had a single plate each--scrambled eggs, two sausage, three pancakes--and I went back for another stack of pancakes. Even so we were home by 10:30.

They had some poor person dressed as the Easter Bunny. They were handing out balloons to the kids and I resisted the urge to ask for one. It was fun.

Anyway, so after that, the GF and I lazed around. She saw my Nintendo DS and asked me about it, so I got her started playing Mahjongg on the thing and continued reading Strawberry Marshmallow. Finally she went home around one and I went to sleep...and slept all day, getting up only to have a snack or to hit the bathroom.

Such a stimulating life I lead. It's fine by me, though.

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