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#1521: I'll squeeze the Charmin if I goddamn well want to

Sorry, but after all this time it occurred to me that Mr. Whiffle, the grocer who didn't want anyone squeezing the Charmin, is a freaking nazi. (Well, "was", as the man is dead and Charmin now has animated bears for spokesmen. This is not an improvement, especially since--as Eddie Murphy pointed out--bears use rabbits to wipe, not toilet paper.)

* * *

Want. Instead of having the dealership install the engine, can I just do it myself? In fact, just ship the thing here from the factory and I'll do all of it myself.

* * *

How long before students call the gay housing the "YMCA"? How long before there are lawsuits about discrimination or segregation?


* * *

"The dumb one" died to go work for Obama. House, MD actor Kal Penn--otherwise best known for his role as half of "Harold and Kumar"--quit his lucrative acting job to go work for the Obama administration.

The funny part is that his character on the show, Dr. Kutner, is regarded by several other characters are the least intelligent of House's three interns. (Or maybe the word is "indentured servants"...?)

Speaking of that show, I saw an ep recently in which Hugh Laurie got to speak in his regular voice with his regular accent: he was calling, at an ungodly hour, a doctor who had treated his patient, and "faked" a London accent in order to justify calling at such a time. I thought that was most humorous.

* * *

This might get play in the press since Bush is no longer President. The fact that George W. Bush did his best to help Africa with its AIDS epidemic certainly did not get much media attention while he was President.

* * *

Comforting news: a blow being struck for freedom of religion and freedom of speech. A court found that a pastor who had been arrested for--basically--being Christian near a "gay pride" event had been denied his Constitutional rights. Hoody hoo.

* * *

Interesting information on tiny hard drives. Tiny form factor, that is, not data capacity.

Speaking as someone who had a computer with a full-height 5.25" 20 MB hard drive, I can appreciate having a hard drive that holds 1,000 times the data and is small enough to be part of a pocket-sized device that runs on little batteries.

* * *

The LOL of the day:

OMG that is funny.

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