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#1524: Democrats in action!

Denying the voters their say in the matter of gay marriage in Iowa. That's right, Iowa voters: your Democrat masters know what is good for you, and it's too damn bad if you don't like it.

When it is something Democrats dearly want--and the voters do not--whatever say the voters may have is denied them. This situation is unusual only because the legislature did the deed; usually it is a referendum that is overturned by an activist court.

Iowa house speaker Pat Murphy said, "We're not going to let mob rule rule this state." That's right, Iowans: if you desire to have a voice in what policies are enacted by the state of Iowa, you might as well forget it, because Pat Murphy has decided that referenda are "mob rule".

Any time a referendum passes which Democrats don't like, it's the result of "mob rule".

Hopefully the parliamentary maneuver that got the lawmakers on record as supporting the gay marriage bill will be useful to the foes of this measure.

How typical, though: Democrats trying to do an end run around democracy.

* * *

So France is apparently "worried" over Iran's nuclear aspirations. Who would have thought that the French would be the first ones (other than Israel) to officially recognize that Iran with nuclear weapons is a bad idea?

The Obama administration--convinced that it can talk madmen out of their schemes--isn't changing its tune to match the increased threat this news presents.

No surprises there; the Obama administration is projecting weakness all over the planet.

* * *

No word on where they'll get the unicorn flatus from, though. Someone's going to build a Happy Fun City That Runs On Solar Power and Rainbows!

...the claim is that the city's solar power plant will generate, during the daylit hours, enough energy to supply the city for an entire 24-hour day. The surplus will be funneled into the Florida power grid; when night falls and the solar plant stops working the city will use power from conventional generating plants. But the solar plant will make so much power that the city will "effectively" be solar-powered:
Kitson's concept is that FPL's 75-megawatt solar generator will produce more power for the state's electric grid while the sun shines than the city will use in 24 hours. That means Babcock Ranch will have to rely on conventional power sources for the evening, but its net effect will a solar-only city.

If the city is using conventional power sources it's not "solar-only" even if it does make enough power during the day to supply its needs for 24 hours.

And--ironically--the Sierra Club sued to stop this. An extra-green solar-powered city ought to be their wet dream.

I'd wager that living in this city will be for rich morons. I also expect that the solar plant won't perform as well as expected and they'll never meet their "effectively solar-only" status.

* * *

Follow the money. It looks like the Teamsters Union is behind this. Eco-nazis want to ban independent owner-operator truck drivers from hauling loads to and from shipping ports in New Jersey, and they have formed a coalition which includes the Teamsters.

If only trucking companies can haul loads to and from, it means that the loads are more likely to be hauled by Teamsters, you see. You can't unionize a one-man shop; there's no percentage in it. But if you can exclude the independents and make it so that only companies can do business with the ports, then you've got a better chance at making sure your union members are the ones doing all the work.

Never mind the fact that the union crushes the "little guy". They're not about protecting anyone but their own.

This issue neatly outlines one of the biggest problems with environmentalism: mostly it is used to enable socialist policies. Someone said that most eco-nazis are watermelons: green on the outside and red on the inside. I have never been able to falsify this definition.

* * *

Speaking of econazis we have an assertion from a Harvard astrophysicist that sunspot activity correlates to global climate change.

Dr. Willie Soon says, "If this deep solar minimum continues and our planet cools while CO2 levels continue to rise, thinking needs to change. This will be a very telling time...."

Carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise, Dr. Soon, and temperatures have been steady for the past ten years. I'd say that writing is already on the wall.

* * *

Useful idiots erred by meeting with the Castro brothers. No shit, Sherlock! The Castro regime has been just as brutal and unegalitarian as any communist regime ever was, but Democrats never met a dictator they didn't like.

* * *

Nazis! A network of people dedicated to monitoring "anti-Obama activities"!

Monitor this, you scumbags: Obama is an incompetent boob. I call him "Boss Tweek", "MC Sleepy", "Gaffe-o-Matic", and "Gaffe-o-Tron". He's a huckster, a fake, a fraud, an arrogant weasel of a man who is dedicated more to amassing and retaining personal power than he is to any higher cause. He is a fake.

How would you morons have felt about a network of people dedicated to monitoring "anti-Bush activities"?

Yeah, I thought so. Kiss my ass, you fascists.

* * *

Thursday of next week is when the furnace and air conditioner are going in. It's going to be an interesting week. Maybe I should have given away my Friday, just in case they don't get it done for some inane reason and have to come back Friday and bang around all freaking day, thus keeping me from getting any sleep....

Well, I could always run to work Sunday or Monday and put my Friday up on the board, and then call in Thursday afternoon to ask if anyone picked up the day. I'll have to consider that.

* * *

I've been giving some thought to getting my FOID card and purchasing a firearm or two. Don't ask me why; I don't hunt and I haven't fired a gun since 1993. Even so, I keep thinking it'd be a good idea to get myself a decent carbine-sized rifle of some kind. Nothing fancy, nothing too expensive, but something semiautomatic that I could take up on the roof and use to shoot looters, if-and-when.

I have to admit that I am not optimistic about how things will go over the next decade. The media is trumpeting the fact that the economy is improving, which makes me suspicious, because mortgage defaults are still increasing--and the growth of the number of failures of "good" (ie not subprime) mortgages is getting worse.

Meanwhile you have a government which is looking to consolidate one-party rule, effectively disenfranchising half the population--and it's the half that won't take that sitting down. Some people are actively mulling the possibility of revolt, and I have no idea how to gauge their seriousness nor do I really know how extensive those feelings are. If it's a few fringe people, it's not an issue; but if it's really entrenched in the right-of-center populace, then we face interesting times indeed.

And it's a lot better to be armed during "interesting times".

If we have a government, some time in the future, which attempts to disarm the general public, there are many who will not take that sitting down--and I am not certain that I'm excluded from that demographic. If our government tries to stifle debate and deprive Americans of their freedoms, there will be some kind of revolt.

And it's a lot better to be armed during revolution, even if you're not fighting "for" or "against".

As Scipio points out, "If the Constitution no longer holds—if the Supreme Court can make laws, if congress can seize property and wealth at its whim, if the executive can simply ignore laws it does not like—then America is a lawless nation." And if America is indeed lawless, then its citizens had better take up arms, because the only person who will defend you is yourself. Certainly the politicians won't.

* * *

Man, what a bummer. I need something amusing to bring the general emotional quotient of this post onto the plus side. But damn it, you know things are looking grim if a harmless fuzzball like me contemplates owning firearms.

* * *

I know! Another lame movie!

...okay, that's not very damned funny. I'm sorry. It's true that I probably think this is funnier than it actually is.

Let's try the cheerleader fail text I linked to yesterday:

Wow. I didn't think it was possible for me to make that more stupid, but I managed it.

Oh well. I'm going to give up on having today's post end on an up note. Sorry about that.

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