atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1531: I wonder when WoW came up last night.

I finally gave up around 6:30, which was some 5.5 hours after the servers were originally scheduled to come up.

Kind of interesting, isn't it? WoW is a pretty simple program compared to, I don't know, an operating system. Yet every time Blizzard introduces a major patch to WoW the servers end up bolluxed--at least, if the chat I read the last time this happened is any guide.

So the big Ulduar patch went in yesteday morning, starting a 3 AM my time; and fifteen hours later Blizzard had still not managed to bring up more than a handful of their realm servers--and at that, they didn't manage that for long.

What finally made me give up? I was checking their realm status page and my browser couldn't load it. The few realms that had been up went down again, and I refreshed the page, and Firefox couldn't even find Blizzard's web site.

Probably it was just being bombarded by all the people who had been playing and who got dumped unceremoniously when the servers went down again.

Still, I decided I had better things to do and shut down the computer.

* * *

Neal Boortz talks about "green studies" majors and their likely employment after graduating.

There was a report recently which discussed Obama's intention to create "green" jobs; the study indicated that creating one "green" job destroys 2.2 jobs. So if you create 1,000,000 "green" jobs, your economy faces a net loss of 1,200,000 jobs. This is math which only a Democrat could love. And--even worse--many of these "green" jobs are not permanent jobs.

Well, what the hell. Someone has to drive trucks and park cars and wait on tables. Guess the english and philosophy majors are going to have some competition for those positions.

* * *

So apparently the governor of Texas is discussing reasserting "state's rights". know, it's a common oversimplification that the Civil War was over slavery. In fact the Confederate states were seceding because they disliked the federal government's interference in their internal affairs. The Confederate states insisted that the 10th amendment precluded a federal ban on slavery.

Scipio on the same subject. And I, unfortunately, share his pessimism on what this situation could entail.

Buy guns and ammo, folks. You may need 'em.

* * *

(Whoops. Looks like the Deparment of Homeland Security is going to monitor me because I'm a "right-wing extremist". For advocating self-defense. *sigh*)

* * *

Today is tax day. Everyone get your pitchforks and torches--oh, wait, that's wrong.

Everyone dump tea in the nearest body of water.

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