atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1532: Inscription FTW

My 25th level rogue Bitsychan is an inscriptionist.

I realized, today, that I had not yet had a look at current going rates for glyphs at the Auction House vis a vis the glyphs I could I had a look.

Seeing what prices were like, I posted a total of 5 glyphs and two Mystic Tomes. And what happened?

In just a few hours, Bitsychan's purse swelled from around 12 gold to 147 gold.

I'm guessing there won't be any problem buying a mount when she hits lvl 30. I'm going to have to do more inscribing and auctioning of glyphs and tomes. Cool.

The nice thing is, it's almost pure profit for me. I just collect the components as I adventure--I see herbs, I collect them--and then make stuff when in town in order to level the skill. It doesn't really cost me anything since I am collecting the herbs while I'm already adventuring, doing quests, etcetera; there's very little need for me to go "farm" herbs as long as I am diligent about collecting them as I do other things.

The hardest part of all this is collecting enough herbs of the right level to make the inks required for the more valuable glyphs and tomes.

It's easy to understand, though, why glyphs command so much money: they aren't dropped as loot anywhere in the game (so far as I know, anyway). The only place you can get them is from other players, so there's nothing in the game that keeps the price of glyphs down except plain old-fashioned capitalism. (I am a bit of a stinker in that I look at the current prices at auction and then undercut the lowest price by 50 silver or so. I pass my savings on to the customer!)

* * *

Some of the realms died this evening, similarly to how they died the last time Blizzard did a patch. I wrote about it before (and naturally cannot find the link now): the NPCs and monsters disappeared, and other weirdness took place.

Bitsychan was in the middle of achieving the objective of a quest--sneak into a lumber mill and steal some secret plans--when this happened. I tried to pick up the plans and couldn't; and then I started being attacked by all kinds of monsters...and I couldn't hit back. Fortunately the monsters weren't doing any damage! So I hoofed it out of there, going so far as to cross into another zone. The monsters didn't follow me but their ranged attacks far exceeded the bounds of common sense. (Unless, I don't know, their throwing knives were rocket-propelled.) I was being hit by knives thrown through a mountain.

I got sick of it and hit ALT-F4; after installing the latest Vista patches I tried getting back on, to no avail.

This lasted a short while; once the realms came up I resumed play.

The frustrating thing for me is that I had already expended some items used to create a distraction while the player sneaks into the lumber mill; I was thinking that I'd have a hard time completing the quest without them. But as it turned out, when I logged back in, I was standing next to the guy who had given me the quest, and I had the expendable items in my inventory.


Still, it's annoying that Blizzard can't issue a patch without this kind of nonsense taking place. It's frustrating and annoying even when you don't end up being penalized for having the bad luck to be at a critical juncture when the servers go down.

Oh well.

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