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#1533: Let's apply this theory to other crimes, too!

Enforcement doesn't work, so we should just let illegal aliens stay and make them citizens now.

Okay! Well then, let's apply that thinking to other crimes and see where it gets us.

Murder: despite 10,000 years of civilization, people still murder each other. Looks like enforcement has failed! We might as well legalize it.

Drunk driving: although the penalties for it are ever-stiffer people continue to do it. I guess enforcement has failed! Let's make it legal!

Theft: even though we have tried the most draconian penalties for theft, it persists in happening. Enforcement has failed! Why bother trying to enforce it? Let's just legalize it!

Although I am engaging in reducto ad absurdum here I think it makes the point: the problem with illegal immigration is not one of enforcement. In fact, our enforcement problems could be solved if INS was funded and given a clear mandate by the government to, I don't know, do its job...but "sanctuary cities" and all of the other nonsense makes that job a lot harder.

The reason that enforcement "hasn't worked" is that there are groups dedicated to ensuring that it doesn't work. These groups want to keep the borders porous and vigorously oppose any and all attempts by government and citizens to follow and enforce the law.

* * *

Oil demand has tanked. OPEC calls it a "devastating contraction" in demand.

Remember last year, when gas cost $4 per gallon? You brought it on yourselves, jerkwads: instead of trying to keep prices high you should have opened the pipes wide open. It might have helped to prevent--or at least to mitigate--the recession that has resulted in that "devastating contraction".

* * *

Pardon my french, but what the fuck is this shit? Since when is "God Bless America" anything other than a nice patriotic song? This is asinine and totalitarian. I hate to break it to you guys, but this is America--if the guy had to pee during the national anthem he would be allowed to do it. (I would be allowed to think he's a disrespectful jerk, too.)

I hope this guy wins his lawsuit.

* * *

IRS employees can be fired for making a mistake on their taxes. That's right: summarily dismissed for the simplest of errors. This is part of their union contract. imagine their ire when their new boss is a certified tax cheat and is given a pass.

It's like any other employer, actually: the boss gets to do things the peones don't.

* * *

I may have to read this book, too. One Second After is the title, and it explores the aftermath of an EMP attack on the United States.

Well, I have discussed the effects of an EMP attack on the US eastern seaboard here before, anyway, and I'd like to see how closely my ideas match those of this author's.

The article (and, I assume, by extension the book) seems to echo my own predictions. Short form: it would be an unprecedented disaster.

* * *

I have two vehicles which don't use fancy computerized ignition systems, and I could have them usable in a couple of hours (each) if need be. Fat lot of good it would do when I couldn't get gasoline for them. Or get at any money to pay for the gasoline.

One of them is an MGB; the other is a dirt bike. *sigh*

* * *

Ann Coulter talks about the way the media covered the Tea Parties and also discusses Democrat tax policy, all with her usual snark and intellect at full throttle. O Lord I love Ann Coulter.

* * *

I wasn't for Ron Paul in the previous election. That may have been an error. He calls for the return of letters of marque and reprisal--something which is explicitly mentioned in the Constitution--for dealing with piracy.

I'd love to be a privateer. That would be awesome. Think about how much money you could make!

...of course people like Blackwater (oh, wait, now they're "Xe") would get the really juicy targets. *sigh* Never mind.

* * *

Ah, I'm going to go play WoW.

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