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#1535: Argh etc.

Had to unload the truck last night. Everything hurts.

* * *

So the left wing hate machine has spun itself into high gear over the Tea Parties.

Even going so far to use sexual innuendo in order to deride the protestors.

("The comment parallels the 'tea-bagging' term commonly used in the homosexual community to describe a homosexual act in which testicles are inserted in someone's mouth." So a bunch of leftists, who are--it is presumed--pro-gay, are calling the protestors homosexuals and meaning it as an insult. Are these people capable of recognizing hypocrisy when they utter it?)

The liberals can't stand the idea that they don't actually have a monopsony on protest. They're angry that conservatives actually have the gall to protest something that liberals are doing! How dare they?

Suck it, bitches.

* * *

Michelle Malkin tells us to stop blaming Bush for that DHS hate propaganda. I agree.

* * *

Sauce for the goose!

We are told that it's only reasonable for government to license firearms and their owners. Why is it then not reasonable for government to license media outlets?

Just watch and see how many journalists get up in arms over this idea. Why, it's the first step in abridging freedom of the press! It's unconstitutional!

Of course it is. And the same thing applies to the right to keep and bear arms.

The people who advocate the banning of firearms don't seem to understand the constitutional can of worms that opens; if you limit one of rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, you set a precedent for limiting all of them.

Most gun enthusiasts don't much mind having to have a license to own firearms, but plenty of them (nearly all) draw the line at having to register them--because registration is always the last stop before confiscation.

If you license news outlets, what does that do for "freedom of expression"? Likewise, if you license gun owners, what does that do for "the right to keep and bear arms"?

There is no such thing as "a little" freedom. You've either got it or you don't. And, sadly, I am not surprised that it is an official from the Obama administration who is talking about licensing the press.

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