atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#154: Student Body Vice President Balloon Prank

#154: Student Body Vice President Balloon Prank
"#154: Student Body Vice President Balloon Prank" on Google Video

This guy's a moron. He's a self-important boob.

Third favorite quote: "We were off doing good work, and you come and do something like this, and I want to go to bed, and you come and fucked up my office, okay?"

Second favorite quote: "Look at me being serious!"

First favorite: "Where'd the air come from? ... You used the air, that cost money...?"

It's obvious why they filled this butthead's office with balloons. He's a complete and utter fucking piss-head. If I had perpetrated a prank like this, after hearing his tirade (and threatening to take pictures and hold people responsible if the mess was not cleaned up by 8 AM the next day) I would then fill the office with something even WORSE....

Lighten up, dickweed, and get yourself a sense of humor. Jesus Christ.

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