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#1536: I link and comment.

That seems to be 90% of what I do here, if not more: I link to stuff and I comment on it.

The link provides context so that I'm not just spouting off at random, so I can't eliminate it. And it doesn't make sense to me to just include the link.


Well, it could be worse.

* * *

Aaron has a note of optimism re: the Obama Nation. He makes good points.

We tend to mire ourselves in the present, forgetting that things change. Sure, if things go on as they are right now, we're all screwed, but Aaron makes the point that they probably will not.

Take, for example, Obama's sudden about-face on the economy. One week we were all going to die or go to jail; then suddenly everything was on the road to recovery! The media has dutifully parroted this about-face, and now--we are told--things are not nearly as bad as they were in January, even though nothing has really changed: not the economic numbers, not the foreclosure rate, not the trade situation, none of it. The only difference is how the news is being reported.

Why? Well, because the Democrats need the economy to turn around right now--or at least as soon as possible--because if the economy is still in the shitter next year, they're going to lose seats in Congress.

So the Democrats are going to start a holding action, trying to stave off the inflation which is inevitable due to Obama's policies while desperately trying to kick the economy into a high enough gear that the people will think everything's peachy, at least until after November of 2010. And while it is possible that the Democrats could pull such a rabbit from an unlikely orofice and have everything work just right, it is not likely to be so.

We do have to remember that our system of government was designed to limit the power of government, and that Obama is not the first guy to get into office with the idea of remaking the way the US is run.

* * *

Representative Peter King has some brains! He's standing up to the morons at CAIR and is standing by his comments which are critical of islam!

I likes it.

* * *

Israel is planning to hit Iran's nuclear facilities. Go Israel!

Even if Obama and the Obamabots don't know their collective ass from a flashlight, Israel does not have the luxury of indulging postmodernist international progressivist nonsense. They don't have the luxury of dismissing the idea that Iran may get nuclear weapons and then use them.

If Israel attacks Iran it will touch off a shitstorm of epic proportions in the middle east, but Israel's got to look out for its own interests. It's pretty obvious that the current administration here doesn't give a rat's ass about it.

* * *

Don Henley is such a retard. Of course, by bringing a lawsuit, he doesn't have to worry about the issue of "fair use" vis-a-vis copyright law.

You see, what the defendent in this case has done is perfectly legal: it turns out that if you make a parody of someone's song, it's "fair use". Weird Al Yankovic, for example, never had to secure permission to make any of his parodies. (He made it a point to do so, though, and in only one case did he ever release a parody without the permission of the original artist--and that was a mistake.)

Henley might be able to get a judgement against the defendent in a civil suit, but the copyright law does not support his action. But you know what? Henley doesn't face any reduction of income from this parody and his song is not in any danger of being confused for the parody version. "Boys of Summer" was popular two decades ago; now you only hear it on oldies channels.

What he's upset about is that someone wrote an anti-Democrat song set to the tune of his tune.

* * *

Aging infrastructure! Wood water mains? Wood?

...though the article discusses the issue in terms of "a ticking time bomb". I am getting very tired of that phrase. Journalists overuse it to lend a sense of urgency to whatever the issue du jour may be, and it's a hackneyed cliche.

All of the water mains are not going to blow out simultaneously. Yes, as they age failures will become more frequent. No, the entire system is not going to fail at once.

I do recall, though, that the water main for our street broke some three times or so in the space of a year, and that pipe wasn't even that old to begin with.

Maybe if the US wasn't spending all its money on supporting illegal aliens and massive transfer payments and the welfare state, we would have enough money to properly care for our infrastructure.

* * *

And since that's enough linking and commentary for one day, I'm going to something.

Watch the car shows, eat something, play WoW. *sigh* I'm too predictable.

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