atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1542: "Swine Flu over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Michelle Malkin wonders if we can have border security now.

I wouldn't count on it. After all, it's just the little people who will get sick and die; it's not as if any of the elites in Washington, D.C. will get sick. Right?

Maybe if the elites' servants gave them the swine flu, maybe then we could get some kind of sensible border policy....

* * *

The title of this post comes from the depths of my memory of the 1970s. It may have come from the pages of Mad Magazine; I'm not sure. Seems to me that "swine flu" was last a major news story during the


Barack Hussein Obama, "Carter 2.0". Like it or lump it.

* * *

Please note here that I am not wishing or hoping for anyone, anywhere, to contract this ailment. I am merely saying that the ruling elite of this country--like the ruling elite from any country--doesn't really concern itself with the trials and tribulations of the hoi polloi unless those issues can be used to grab more power and taxes. (And--it must be noted--the "solutions" they then offer do not, in actuality, solve the problems. Frequently they are merely made worse.)

* * *

I left a comment in this Hyperbolic Chamber post about nuclear waste. I was merciful; I wanted to go on and on about Chernobyl, too.

Even people on my side of the aisle are woefully uneducated about nuclear power. *sigh* Experience with the other side of the aisle has shown many of them to know not so much as a whit about nuclear power except "nuclear power=BADBADBADBAD!!!!!" Seriously: I had to explain to my sister (the psycho drunk one, in Maine) that the mere presence of a cooling tower does not mean a power plant is nuclear: they use them all the time for conventional plants too, such as the NIPSCO plant in Michigan City, Indiana. (After explaining that the plant was coal-fired and that it had the cooling tower to cool its effluent, I asked her, "Why would a nuclear plant have a smokestack?" She said she didn't know. Argh.)

* * *

It was a hot one today. I stuck my head outside before going to my aunt's 85th birthday party to see how much of a jacket I'd need--urgh! None!

It was in the freaking 40s last night. Oh well. Now I've got the windows open and it's still hot in here....

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