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#1546: Self-identified for our convenience!

The first image in this slideshow of egregiously stupid tattoos shows how effective a mandatory labeling program could be.

* * *

The Curmudgeon Emeritus shares my views on what may happen to Arlen Specter, vis-a-vis his perhaps (hopefully) failing of re-election as a Democrat.

He also reminds us of the saga of "Jumpin'" Jim Jeffords, the Republican Senator from Vermont who decided he was a Democrat in 2001, after the Democrats got a plurality in the Senate. He changed parties (again, increasing the average IQ of both) in exchange for the chair of some committee; and when the GOP got a majority again, he tried to worm his way back in. ("In a rare display of good sense, the GOP turned him away," says the Curmudgeon Emeritus. I sadly agree, esp. about the "rare" part.)

* * *

An englishman has surgery and wakes up Irish? Some would say (again) that this has improved the average IQ of both sides--but no, I used that joke once already today, and it's not true in any event. (Besides, it got better.)

* * *

I wasn't going to comment on the stupid photo-op stunt, but the Anchoress changed my mind:
...[P]eople like me would have loudly denounced the damn photo-op for its wastefulness. We’re broke. The president thinks he can maybe find $100 million in government waste, but we can afford this stunningly expensive, gaia-hurting (the carbon!) and useless “mission?”

It’s entirely possible that the president was on the plane, and we need to know that. We need to know who was on the plane. But there are lots of reasons to not announce the “mission” too far in advance, but New Yorkers should have been given a heads up -say 1/2 hour before AF-1 arrived- that they should not be concerned about what they would be seeing.

This was a stupid, stupid mission, stupidly managed. And yes, by all means, let’s find out who was on the plane.
I agree.

* * *

Michelle Malkin starts today with a discussion of the Obama airplane thing, as an introduction to her column, and finishes with, "Let’s have some of that vaunted transparency Barack Obama is always talking about."

Yes, let's. Or let's see what the Obama administration says to explain why they refuse to be "transparent" with this issue.

* * *

What do you get if you combine a six-pound chihuahua and a 70-MPH wind? Comedy gold!

I mean, come on: "More than 50 volunteers helped Utley and her husband, Lavern, search for their dog, who blew away in 70 mph per hour winds Saturday." How can you not laugh at that sentence? How often do dogs just blow away? Particularly the little yappy ones, which most people (but for their owners) wish would blow away?

To make matters even more humorous, it took the services of a psychic to find the dog. What, one person out of fifty people couldn't think, "Wait, which way was the wind blowing that day?"

Forget a leash for the dog; you need a tether. "Honey, when you put the dog out, make sure she's moored well! It's windy again!"

* * *


I have no idea what that word actually means, but to me it looks like the receipt printer just gave up and said "&*@#$ IT!"

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